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    from Utah Avalanceh Center. advisory issued Feb 8th:

    There was a very close call in the backcountry yesterday. Two avalanche workers were examining different crowns in the south facing Monte Cristo slide path in upper Little Cottonwood, when a party above inadvertently released a cornice, hitting the upper worker and triggering a slab avalanche that ran 1500‘. The upper worker was caught and carried, eventually self arresting to avoid a fatal ride, and the slide missed the lower person. In spite of almost killing two people and wasting $1000 worth of gear, the cornice droppers didn’t even offer an apology. Bottom line: Just because you have two strong legs, good lungs and can make turns doesn’t mean you belong in the backcountry. You need good avalanche and backcountry travel skills, and before you drop cornices, jump off cliffs, ski cut slopes or drop steep lines, you must be CERTAIN that no one is below you.

    has anyone seen or heard about this? 🙄

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    Yip. Everyone’s talking about it. Not very cool huh?

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