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    Hooked up with a couple split boarders while they are in town for their little get together. Riders were Bcrider and his friend Dave. They drove all night from Tahoe, at some grease at Denny’s, then met me for some skiing at 7:30am. Burning the candle at both ends.

    Up, up, up, up……………

    Bcrider sequence. Why he came to Utah.


    I think he likes it.

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    Exiting the couloir. They thought I was generous for giving them first tracks, but there is a nice ramp entrance nearby that harbors untouched pow.

    The snow down lower was more California like, making Bcrider feel right at home.

    After a couple good runs, I lied a bit about the approach to the Weed Wacker. Yeah, it’s just a short jaunt over, trust me. But after the slog, the turns were worth it. Even if it was a bit tracked.

    I lost any potential for a guides tip right here, with the clients getting wet feet. Don’t want them thinking the Wasatch is all fun and games.

    The highest danger today was the walk back to the car, with all the idiot Utah drivers on the road.

    Bcrider and Dave are good company. Nice to finally ski with them.

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    Nice Fan in shot 2! Nice Photo!

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    It was great to finally meet you Trackhead! Thanks for showing us around. We scored sweet conditions and new lines, we couldn’t ask for much more. 🙂

    Good talking with you on the phone Friday morning…you shoulda came with us. 😉

    Dishwasher Dave and I left Tahoe at 9:15pm on Thursday night and rolled into the SLC at 6:30am. The drive was long but our stoke for the trip made it go by quickly. It took us a little longer than last time due to sections of snow in Nevada and western Utah. After a really crappy breakfast at Denny’s we met Trackhead at the mouth of Big and set off for a day of turns.

    Here are my pics and thanks again TH!

    Trackhead and DD heading up the ridge.



    TH back for more…note the knee deep skin track. :mrgreen:

    For the next run we touched the summit…

    and enjoyed some nice views.

    Another party was dropping in on a nearby line, one of which was a Splitfest attendee from Jackson Hole. Nice lines greg!

    TH took us to this little gem and even let us get first tracks. What a guy!
    Dishwasher Dave slays it.

    TH decided to check a slightly different line and was stoked he did. New lines are always good. 🙂

    TH lower down.

    DD setting up for the Houdini…

    now you see him…

    now you don’t.

    The sun was setting up the powder but we still made the most of it.


    At the bottom we practiced skiing our splits (without skins) for the Saturday dj tour before heading back up for one last shot back to the cars.

    At this point the 3hours sleep I got in the car the night before was starting to catch up to me. I fell behind a little and didn’t end up taking any more pics. The last climb and run down (new for us Cali folks) were sweet though.

    At the bottom TH searches for “the logâ€Â

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    Ok, let me start by saying we had the best intensions of joining splitfest and touring with a bunch of new folks, but the powder monsters got us and we were a bit tuckered out to be driving around and instead slacked off at my house in SLC. We shoulda coulda woulda didn’ta………………. next year for sure. We got stuck in Schralptown in LCC and just kept getting neck deep. Next year we’ll show up to the fest and be social.

    But I’ll add a couple pics from our tour in Pink Pine in LCC on Sat.

    All photos are from Jesse at Thrillheadcreations (

    Bort (UB) gettin some

    Ellis breaking trail like a champ, nothing lays out a skin track like a splitboard!

    Skin tug-o-war

    Ellis getting neck deep on his new NS Titan 169 split, THANKS BENTLY he says!

    That’s it for now. Sorry we missed you all but we were there in a small group gettin the goods. Yes, we are selfish on powder days such as the ones experienced during Splitfest 05-06!

    Splitboards, powder, Schralptown…………………Luckeeeeeeeey!


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    @Unruly Baker wrote:

    we were a bit tuckered out to be driving around and instead slacked off at my house in SLC. Yes, we are selfish on powder days such as the ones experienced during Splitfest 05-06!

    Cry me a freaking river UB. We drove across 2 states to meet other splitters and share the stoke for the sport. You couldn’t drive 20 minutes up the canyon. 🙄 😉

    There’s always next year!

    Unruly Baker
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    Yes, we are dipshits for sure.

    I hear ya, but by tuckered out I also mean a bit under the influence if you catch my drift. Not a good idea to be driving and no one would volunteer to be the DD.

    Next year fer shizzle.


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