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    Bruce Tremper of the Utah Avalanche Center put together a great photo and video reconstruction of a 4 to 6 ft burial with a successful recovery last week.
    The report is at,08-09/12-26-08,Little_Water_Peak/12-26-08,Little_Water_Pk.htm and has links to photos and video.

    Rescuers pointed out that the beacon search only took 2 min but the lowest distance reading they could get was 1.8m. Most of the effort went into probing, figuring out a digging and snow removal strategy, and ~10 min of anaerobic shoveling, followed by rescue breathing and rapid rewarming. I skied with Matt 2 days later.

    In the truly weird category, Tom and I did an XC ski the next day to take our minds off avalanches and encountered a skier having an apparent heart attack. WFR class now fully justified.

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    Damn, what a great video to watch before going out to tour. Thanks for posting.

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    Yeah thanks for posting. I think I finally made the connection that you and Tom in the video are brothers? I had the pleasure of spending a day in the mountains with Tom last spring. We were both solo, playing around on the Pheif and we joined up to do the super tour. Conversation came easy, I remember him talking about you, great guy who’s passion and knowledge for the mountains would be hard to match, which makes the story that much more of a lesson for others to learn from. So I have been keeping tabs on the Avy 2 class on the UAC website, I don’t see information specific to that class, when you click on it, it refers you to the Avy 1 class, if I remember right. Any new info on that? Thanks again

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    that video was freaking amazing … thanks for sharing


    Thanks for the post Paulster – indeed another impressive piece of media concerning avy awareness.

    28 degrees with a possible 30-35 above it, unstable snow pack and…. !!!

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