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    Where is the salivate emoji when you need it?


    ^yeah man its been such a great year!

    Dan sent me few of his pics that further captures the epicness from yesterday…thanks Dan!

    I got to figure out whats going on with my toe pieces…On the initial skin up they work flawlessly, but switching over to booting then back to skinning the toe pieces dont want to stay locked and have a tendency to pop the boot out…would not be a good situation in exposed terrain

    wishing for my verts here…

    Dropping Dromedary, one of the the longest most continuous south facing fall lines in LCC …I think the only other line that is longer without a rappel in it would be off Sunrise peak across the way, which also would be a rad shot!

    Into the choke…turns were steep and deep, with the occasional look over the shoulder for sluffs…snow was well behaved

    About the last batch of what id call “quality” snow before dropping into the lower gully



    Its that time of year…a few weeks in the desert and spring like conditions in the Satch

    Mountain biking between Monitor and Merrimac buttes and the Navajo Rocks trails…linking the two rides together for a nice 32 mile loop

    Our first non-powder/crappy conditions tour of the year, yep we’re spoiled.

    Had plans to ride Monte Cristo Direct but we came up with a bunch of excuses to hold off for better conditions. A party of four ahead of us, really bad variable conditions, from ice, and horrible debris piles of death cookies to the road. Not the style we want to ride it in…we’ll be back.

    So we bailed down the S face of Superior with a mix bag of ok corn riding and big piles of death cookie debris. At least it was a nice morning and good to be in the mountains on an iconic Wasatch peak.

    South facing was corning/softening up around 9:30-10ish. We got a glimpse of the Monte Cristo slide path on our drive down the canyon and the bottom looked atrocious which reconfirmed our decision to hold off. All of the exits on the south facing slide paths in LCC looked absolutely horrible.

    Off to mountain bike until the next storm arrives.

    laters to whoevers listening 🙂


    Lawnmower/Hanging Meadow today…Legit powder, faceshots etc…

    Dont remember ever having to break trail from here

    Wasatch Surf gettin all Jawa

    twas nice!


    Got out for a few at Brighton on Tues…touchy out there.

Viewing 5 posts - 101 through 105 (of 105 total)
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