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    You guys are crazy with your pointy aluminum tools, but I’m glad you are having fun doing it πŸ˜‰
    I’ve been sick since last weekend, but managed to get out a couple days with the holiday weekend.
    Saturday I furthered my exploration of the Uintas. The day was beautiful (clean air), but the snow was horrendous. Still a good long walk in the mountains.
    I haven’t been in the Cottonwoods for months, so Monday I headed up BCC. It was raining hard in the morning, up as far as Butler Fork where it turned to sleet.
    Despite wet snow at the trailhead, trees held excellent dry powder on selective aspects. After four long laps battling the wind and a complete white out, I’d had enough and was feeling sick again. Not looking forward to continued smog.

    wasatch surf

    A few weekends ago Mar123 and I ticked off a line I have been wanting to do since moving to Utah.
    Dave is a fucking animal. Please don’t ever get hardboots, I will not be able to catch up with you.
    God awful fog prolonged a sleepy 5am drive south. A quick ascent up the road gave way to a never ending treadmill to the summit.

    Dave in the lead with our objective in the background

    On the summit ridge after hours of skinning and booting. Rad animal tracks on the ridge, not sure what it was. Claws out so canine or kind of looked like small wolvering tracks, but I don’t know if those exist around these parts.

    Rad Visuals

    Looking north at the southern Wasatch

    Dave glad to be on top of the Wasatch

    The entrance into this sneak couloir from the summit was sketch, Dave opened up as soon as the snow was there.

    Entering the NW couloir

    At high speed into variable snow

    Dave in the massive couloir with North Peak in the background.

    after that we suffered through thousands of feet of mank. thank god the gas station had beer.

    wasatch surf

    some nausea inducing video from nebo and coal pit 2. Again the video is too wide so just click the title to watch.


    Damn you – I should have heeded your warning, now my three week long migraine is back πŸ˜‰

    That bottom part of Nebo looks super fun, not sure about the rest. But then I’m the guy who cross country snowboards ten miles into the Uintas and ten miles out without ever transitioning and calls it an epic day πŸ™‚

    I’m just stoked that your stoked, especially since I’ve spent most of the last month of weekends sick πŸ™

    Well done!


    Cool posts guys. I’m going in for shoulder surgery on Monday so I decided to take advantage of the low avy danger and bluebird skies today to achieve an objective I’ve been wanting to do for 4 or 5 years now.

    I headed up White Pine canyon with a buddy to enjoy the scenery.

    On the ridge. The booter to get here was tough.

    Edit: I feel dirty posting this here but I don’t belong to any other forums. Full disclosure. I was on skis today. I wanted to hit that chute on my snowboard so bad but snowboarding hurts my shoulder, swinging my weight around. Thus the surgery. Ok now I feel less dirty.
    Honesty is the best policy.

    And the descent. Starting to look like a resort.

    Hopefully that will get me through the coming PT.
    PS – Snowboarding is still better.


    I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from all things central Wasatch this year. I spent a week and a half in Canada. Did a week at Fairy Meadows. That place is ridiculous. I highly recommend going if you can.

    This weekend I went a rode a line I have eyed since mej did it several years ago. Went and skied the NE couloir on Lone and it was by far the most puckered I have ever been. I was disappointed to see Noah H. skied it the day before as we had been talking about it since I got back from Canada. Alas, the weekend warrior backfired on me.

    Here is John skinning up the boulder field.

    John stood on top. I was too scared to climb on anymore rocks after we booted up the couloir that’s between the two summits that had a nice little crux in it. I wanted to take a photo but didn’t want to fool with camera or phone on such a steep slope.

    Keenan skiing down. It was was steeper than I thought it would be.

    Then yesterday I took the dog to the southern wasatch so she could stretch her legs after being cooped up inside all day Saturday. She was stoked.


    Wow, 3 weeks since the last post. Mid-march. This is supposed to be the biggest snow month of the year. I’m curious what you Utahns think is the cause of the low posting and site visits that has become

    β€’ Is it the swtich to WordPress over PHBB3?
    β€’ The difficulty logging in?
    β€’ The difficulty posting pictures? (Easier on Facebook/Instagram?)
    β€’ The lack of community (Vicious cycle)?
    β€’ The death of Wasatch Splitfest?
    β€’ You are injured. Season is over?
    β€’ Already hung of the snowboard and started mountain biking/fishing?
    β€’ WhitePine posting a picture of himself on skis?


    It’s the last on WhitePine. πŸ™‚

    Yeah, I need some updates. Nat and I may re-direct our 2 week road trip from Moab to SLC if it looks like the end of the first week and second week of April produces.
    We’d be stoked to get out with some of you Utah splitters.

    gary begley

    gary begley

      I’m curious what you Utahns think is the cause of the low posting and site visits that has become

      Personally it’s a mix of…
      1.Multiple injuries
      2.Lack of home internet/difficulty of posting
      3.Too much nerd/science spray, not enough art/joy
      4.Burnt out on the marketing angle permeating social media and Internet in general, lots of branding little substance.
      5.Snurfing is just one of many interests

      wasatch surf

      I’ve always enjoyed participating in the fringes and not the mainstream. Grew up as a skateboard/punk rock kid, started splitboarding to get away from the bro-brah scene all my friends were in. That scene is now in the backcountry, working at all I hear is asshats talking about their “sick-gnar tours”. It’s the last thing I want to talk about, but it’s been my identity for a while. So what do you do when everyone you hate starts doing what you love?

      I’m personally really struggling with that question this season; fly fishing, climbing, splitboarding, they all have lost their soul for me. Lately I have been trying to focus on the aspects of those activities that I really enjoy and just say fuck the rest. That means getting back to the art and enjoyment of going out. Which can even be a contradiction, I enjoy taking photos and videos. However if I share them am I just contributing to the complete shit spray that consumes my phone and computer screen on a 24/7 basis?

      Anyway thanks for the question Whitepine it’s nice to actually write down some of those thoughts. I quite touring on 2/7, but since Jeff was in town from Hawaii I skinned up and head out for some great march pow. yesterday I did my favorite little mickey mouse alpine climbing route and rode holy mole which was new to me. Here is some video spray, I really hope people think I’m gnarly and will tell me how cool I am πŸ˜‰


      some ideas:
      Love ’em and leave ’em. Love that folks are into what you dig. From leather boot teles who have grandkids now to pre-split bc boarders to Craig Kelly to Jeremy Jones, they all found the same trip as the guy skinning up today with his shell and goggles on, just different timing and some published about it. It was just too fun to stay so secret for so long.

      Leave them as best you can. You won’t always win but you’ll usually outsmart the herd. Never go anywhere you’ve been in previous seasons for the rest of the year. Until maybe the last hurrahs of May/June. Find the best corn line yet instead of getting constricted in the high Norths.

      Go when it’s possible that it’s good and not when it’s likely to be crappy to keep the fire alive. Climb slow with really good food for a change. Try not taking a picture for a few tours, then go back to it. Refuse to look at anything onscreen touring related outside of the forecast and weather pages. Do a tour on Verts and a solid instead of skinning for a pace/terrain change. Blow it all off again until next year when it’s cold and smoky all day.


      Good stuff. I was just thinking about this last week…

      As I look back over the years, I see lots of things that could have sucked the soul out of snowboarding. But I refused to let them. My love of carving on a snowboard, being in the mountains, and comradery with fellow riders was and still is way too precious.

      It’s the people that can bum me out.

      In the olden days, snowboarders were so rare that, upon seeing another rider, we’d automatically join up and ride together because, well, that’s just what you did. You both just knew about this thing, and you had to share the stoke. It was authentic and raw and fun, not a scene. That was the culture.

      That culture’s now rare. My way of protesting its loss is to keep it alive. I make riding around others a deliberate choice. And when I do, I try to be the ambassador of snowboarding stoke by being positive, outgoing, or encouraging a lone rider to join our group or share a beer after.

      On the other hand, when it’s solitude I seek–and often it is–there’s always another ridge over I can push out to.

      wasatch surf

      awesome thoughts guys. I have been trying to change it up and ride in new areas this year. It’s funny how often I(we) complain about how small the wasatch is, but after close to a decade I still have a good chunk of it to explore. And that is just in the Central Wasatch.

      I’m never upset that I went touring after I go, what I’m losing is the motivation to go. Lot’s of self doubt if it will be worth it, will there be 100 people, blah blah blah. End the end it’s just snowboarding. it’s probably isn’t really worth getting upset over. Back to the original questions though, I think the biggest decline in participation on this site is instagram/other social media avenues. so much easier to snap a photo and post it. Hell, from the wasatch you can do it live since there is service through the range. It’s nice to see people can still participate in a dialogue on this site though. I miss the days of 20page long conversations and threads (russman era).


      I miss the days of 20page long conversations and threads (russman era).

      Let’s be honest… no one missed THAT era. πŸ™‚ Just kidding Russman sure has mellowed out a ton of late. Or maybe just got bored with the site like everyone else.

      To be honest I didn’t feel like there was a ton of chest beating going on here. At least in the Utah conditions thread. I always love seeing people’s photos. Especially, now being a dad who can’t get out as often as I’d like. I live vicariously through your art.

      The things I miss the most are the contributions to valuable gear/equipment discussions. Tips and tricks. Discussions about how to optimize the experience through DIY mods and home brew tweaks. Those are the things that can’t be shared on facebook. Because, if you haven’t noticed, the half-life of a facebook post is about 45 minutes. If someone didn’t “Like” it or comment on it in that time, most likely it’ll never be seen again. Which is why the forums are such a great place for discussion. A discussion in a forum can take place over the course of days, months, years and it is searchable via Google. It’s a deeper more meaningful conversation with some personality.

      In the last few years, I’ve really dropped off my Facebook usage because of this very problem. Its not a place for conversation anymore. It’s a place for “clickbait” and “Look what I did, my life is better than yours” in an attempt to get the most “likes” we can and the occasional comment. and forums in general are different and hope they never go away. It just suprises me that with the explosion of interest in the sport, there are fewer people participating. I don’t know if reverting back to PHBB3 is the answer or what but it seemed like the conversion to WordPress was the start of the decline. And it saddens me.


      Lots of interesting thoughts in this thread. I check this site daily still, hoping for new posts. It is unfortunate traffic has slowed down in the last year or two on the Utah thread. I still look through previous years threads before the season starts just to get excited for it again. Always fun looking at what people hit previous years. Also sad looking at when Alecs used to post. That guy charged it.

      I will kind of echo what Dan said. I have absolutely no motivation to ski Grizzly or Bear Trap. I would rather go somewhere else new solo than go there and ski with tons of people. The Wasatch is crowded sure, but I searching out I have found some cool zones. I want to delete instagram almost every day during the season because I get so pissed off on some people I follow. I should probably just unfollow them as I get worked up on how they think they are the ones pioneering lines. Just amazes me. /rant over


      the motivation to go. Lot’s of self doubt if it will be worth it, will there be 100 people, blah blah blah.

      I hear ya, I’ve probably missed a lot of good turns with plenty of elbow room feeling the same way-that everything in the half-day realm would be well trampled already.

      The change from the early 2000s to the mid/late 2000s was impressive, and particularly tough in the recent low snow years where only the deepest snow is safe and it was limited to the usual zones. Then by spring when deep instabilities were curing in the outlying areas, the low and mid elevation snowpack had already left the building.


      Im still out riding, having more fun than ever. ButI kinda just stopped taking pictures lately. Im becoming burnt out on all the social media nonsense. Too much self promotion and not enough focusing on why we go into the mountains in the first place. The only time ill really pull out my camera(phone) is if I happen to put down a particularly pretty set of wiggles or go to a new place. But most of those remain buried on my hard drive for future reveiw. Being a future grumpy old man the crowds bug me so Ive made a point to get away from the wasatch on weekends when I have the time to drive elsewhere. That said, I still dont think its that hard to find a clean line even on a weekend. But the seeing groups of 12 put dumb switchbacks in and desecrate the mountains with there ugly lines ruins the experience for me so I try to stay away.

      I do enjoy this forum and I hope people continue to post. You guys here have good taste.

      Anyway, here are a couple of videos of long boring lines. First one is of some extra curricular riding during a business trip to Idaho a few weeks ago and the second one is of some longer lines in Utah.


      Nice^^ Looks like its been good up there the last few weeks!!

      yeah some good thoughts shared above thanks for posting!

      Wish I had some stoke to share but haven’t been too motivated to get out, probably due to the lack of snow we had in February…although it was stable and you could ski anything you wanted.

      Started out touring strong this year then kinda was over it…For me mountain biking has taken over since February, between digging and jumping up at I street, Putting laps on Bobsled, Working on the backyard pump track, and occasional trips down south its what I’m passionate about right now. Building trails is fun and allows me to get creative and its nice to contribute something that hopefully will be around for a long time and have others enjoy it too.

      I think with backcountry touring the burn out factor hits much faster then with mountain biking, I don’t think I ever really get burnt out on mountain biking. I supposed some of the reasons are ones that were already mentioned like, attitudes, Instagram, chasing a limited resource(powder). Touring can be stressful at times, like Dan said, is it going to be good?, Who am I going to tour with? Are there going to be tracks in the line? Go to bed early, can’t sleep cause I’m stressed, gotta wake up at 4am, Avalanches etc… With mountain biking you don’t have to deal with that stuff you just go, and people aren’t really ever spraying about it either… like “it was sooooo good, best day everrrrr” crap.

      When it comes to the forum you are definitely getting a lot of competition from Instagram. I don’t want to judge people who do social media stuff, I think its a great tool for keeping in touch with folks, but in my opinion its way abused to the point of a lot of people think they are a damn celebrity…ya know look at me I’m a big deal I got (x) amount of followers then that attitude/ego gets carried into the backcountry.

      Personally I like the community here, having the dialogue, posting observations and stoke. I wish it was more active like it used to be. One other contributing factor could be the last few winters have been below average too.

      first world problems, really all that above is not a big deal just ranting a bit πŸ™‚

      whelp, ride on!! hope to see some more shred shots!!


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