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    yes please!!! thank you very much πŸ™‚


    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^My legs are hurtin just looking at that.

    Been meaning to chime in and thank everyone for the great stoke. The stoke and diversity of terrain and zones represented on this small thread is amazing. Puts TGRs Wasatch thread to shame and you don’t have to read through all skifishbumbumheads weird ass rants. I want to go all straight edge on that guys ass and put a metal pipe to his head…you know what I mean Dan (Just kidding, I’m really a granola eating rocker). Anyways lots of great shots. Taking pictures and sharing them is a big part of the experience for me. I use a little G10 point and shoot and was originally using Picasa to edit them but have since lost that and am limited to iphoto which has been blurring my photos when I try to crop so I haven’t been getting any good shots. Plus my photos never turn out as good as theee artist lOcO Dave. Speaking of lOcO Dave aka the Marlaire Flair, you cray cray. You wouldn’t know he suffers from serious adult ADHD when you meet him but who else decides to go camping and take midnight runs in the middle of the week or hike up Deafsmith to the NE Twin Chute and then ski back out the same way under a full moon? Make sure you take your meds (whiskey) man you got a lot of breaking trail to do for me:) Take care everyone, much love!


    Good words Nic, we have a good mix of styles represented. And this season is a gift to be sure.

    Stoked there is more storm action coming, but I’m selfishly a bit bummed that the areas I’ve been going are likely to be done in by the rain πŸ™

    I’ve been thriving between 7k’ – 9k’ the last couple weeks and its been an intriguing experience. Hope the snow can hold up to the rain and get a bit of a reload.

    No doubt you high altitude guys are in for a great weekend, have a good time!


    nice Nic..haha…missed you today bro!!

    Headed up into Neffs today

    Wasatch Surf skinning up

    Tolcat…its the new Beartrap πŸ™‚ …Good for about 800ft then meh

    But a very good 800 ft, filled in nicely

    Back into Neffs

    Wasatch Surf Slashing

    Back up another


    Wasatch Surf getting deep…rode very nice!!

    Couloirs were filled in nicely and rode great. Perfect amount of new snow to make it manageable to ride steeper lines. Seems like this zone has been getting hit hard lately but maybe it always has, dont venture up there too often. Down lower on the exit out old tracks were visible and a thin crust noticeable.

    Evidence of Couloirs already naturally sluffing/shedding during the storm cycle was reassuring during the boot up. No instabilities noted today, didnt even get any sluffs to run. Graupel snow and pooling noted on the upper halves of the Couloirs.


    As always, great action pic’s Dave

    This past storm was pretty devastating at mid-elevation. Got out briefly on Saturday, but storm riding has never been my thing. Nothing has changed, it was miserable and soul crushingly dour to put it mildly.

    Sunday I headed up to Mirror Lake highway. Broke trail for about ten miles in total, both north and south of the highway.

    In the morning I headed north up along the west ridge of a promising canyon. The opportunities for lapping good powder were endless. Being that I was solo and quite far from assistance, I took a pass on most every line.
    Though as I stood contemplating my acceptable risk for a descent I noticed movement across from me on the adjacent slope, where to my delight a juvenile cougar was making her way up the steep mountainside in deep powder. A true gift to behold.

    After a short but rewarding descent into the canyon I made the long slog south back to the highway. Arriving at my truck I couldn’t help feeling like I’d put in a hell of a lot of work for very little snurfing, so I crossed the highway and ascended the north facing ridge to the south. Although I was beat down and took a hard fall, I was treated to good powder most of the way back to my ride.

    Endless lines north of the highway

    Looking north to where I’d just come from and looking forward to riding back to my truck, lower right

    Tired curmudgeon selfie


    Nice Doug! Looks peaceful out there

    Also been checking out peoples photos/tr’s on Instagram as well. Im still rocking a flip phone (by choice) πŸ™‚ haha…so gotta hack my way into Instagram from using my computer…I may get an account someday whenever I get a smart phone…Probably will be forced to get smart phone soon, does anyone even make flip phones anymore? haha…Kinda embarrassed to use it in public sometimes. Could be one of the reasons I’m still single πŸ™‚ ha!

    Dan your few photos from Revelstoke are unreal, looks like you got some nice lines there. Good tour yesterday, after seeing some more photos from how insanely crowded the canyons were glad we decided on Neffs. But not only to avoid crowds but to ride some good lines.

    Been in Salt Lake going on 7 years now and its crazy to see how much more crowded its gotten up in the mountains, not saying I have any more right then others do to enjoy the mountains but just an observation. Seems that just over the last 2 years there has really been a huge surge with backcountry/ resort users and traffic in the canyons.

    Im guessing this sudden surge has more to do with Salt Lakes booming economy and ever so slightly increasing quality of life that is drawing a lot of people to locate to Salt Lake, especially in the last couple of years.

    Gotta be pretty crazy for the backcountry/resort users who have been living here their whole lives to witness the increase in traffic within the canyons.


    Nice Work Guys. Storm riding not my thing either Doug. Regretted choosing the resort over the BC on Sunday didn’t know it was going to be bluebird for most the morning. Riding lifts solo= not so much fun. I was surprised by how busy the canyon was too. When I left at 11 they had stopped letting people into Brighton and the line was backed up pretty much to the second Solitude entrance. Ironically however, I didn’t see anyone riding BC lines so if you were willing to wait in the line of traffic or got an early start..cough cough…Dave I think it would have been a good day up high. This was in part I believe due to the UAC’s gloom and doom report. Snow was light density and the winds were light so I think things were more manageable than they were made out to be.

    I don’t think you should get an instagram Mar because if you do I won’t have any pictures to post since I just steal yours and post them. haha. No seriously you need to get a smart phone so you can download the app. It’s fun to see everyones pics, shoot even WOW has one. Take care.

    wasatch surf

    Dave’s photos were way better than mine. Which sucks considering I carried my stupid DSLR around all day.

    Nice morning skinning up Neffs

    Really fun to tick off a line that everyone in the valley stares out day in and day out.

    Memorial #2 was deep

    Memorial #1 was also epic


    some great pics in here. I try not to look so I don’t get too jealous, but Cali ain’t doin’ too bad either. πŸ˜‰


    Beautiful day today! Was a little skeptical about hitting south facing lines but it ended up being about as good as good gets.

    Headed up to South Lone Peak and Bighorn Peak today with Wasatch Surf

    Got about a 6:15 skin start…getting there

    Our next line, Bighorn in the background

    Wasatch Surf heading down…Great turns, settled pow, rode great.

    Looking at our first line down South Lone Peak

    On Bighorn

    Wasatch Surf surfing Bighorn


    fun buttery turns literally right to the car, super fun exit lots of wind lips and jumps

    Overall turns were way better then expected, snow up high remained un-crusted creamy pow, and everything that was crusted down lower softened by the time of our exit making for some fun buttery turns down to the car. surface hoar kept the snow riding fast.

    Snow was heating up so didn’t want to overstay our welcome made sure to be off the slopes by the time things started moving. Again very surprised by the snow quality on the exit out mostly creamy settled pow -take care!


    Wow, that’s a good zone. I’ll bet there are ten car loads of dork’s down there today wallowing in the mank . Glad you guys got it in great conditions, looks really fun.

    Back to the Uintas on Saturday. No action shots, just scenic interpretations of lapping low angle trees in good snow. Looking forward to camping at this zone this spring.

    Glyphs in the trees

    Earth, Wind, Water


    and on down the next pitch

    wasatch surf

    Wow that south stuff looks really fun – thanks for sharing


    Rad video, Dan! Looks like you guys scored this weekend. I did enjoy driving back from work on Sunday and able to look at your tracks on Big Horn.

    Doug, it looks like you got some creamy turns in.

    Hate I missed the best weekend of touring due to work.

    wasatch surf

    thanks guys. not sure why the video is such a weird size. just another reason I miss the old forum. We got lucky this weekend for sure.


    North facing still holding great snow…off the very beaten path


    (me)thanks Jake!…stolen from your instagram feed hope thats ok


    Wasatch Surf

    its stable, take care!


    Right on guys. Mar your post are way better without those jongy skiers. Stoked you and Wasatch are hooking up to get after it, lOcOdAvE needs someone more on his level. Did go check out some hardboots today but bought the wife a new board instead, priorities you could say (@happywifeisahappylife). @marlaireflair text me the line you did, have some ideas. Love you guys, touch base soon and @dougart….love it, keeping it real and love your stoke, looking forward to getting out for some long runs and philosophical talks. Peace


    Cool pics and videos guys. I love seeing all of this stoke. Magical.

    Spent my evening carpet surfing and making some mods on some old boots I picked up on KSL. Hoping to get out again soon.

    wasatch surf

    Nice Whitepine!

    Here are some photos of our foray up Lone Peak/Bighorn. I have stared at those faces since I moved to Utah and always wanted to put a track down them. So lucky to get it in those conditions. A season’s worth of terrain over there.

    First view of our objective

    Dave with Lone Peak looming above

    After some gorgeous alpine skinning we arrived at the South Summit

    Dave making his way off the summit for 3,000ft of cream

    Nice to see snow this year

    Our next objective, which was the better line

    Dave scoping the line below



    Freedom of the Hills

    Taken from the Walgreens parking lot in Alpine

    Easily one of the best days I’ve had in the Wasatch. Mellow terrain, but it was so nice to get in the sun and rack up some vert.


    Headed up/down to Nebo today with Wasatch Surf

    NW couloir in view

    view of the ridge…boot, skin, boot….switched over to skinning here

    Nebo summit, soaking in the views

    NW couloir, tender moments…took it slow, entrance was pretty thin, one little snaggletooth rock could end your day here

    Snow was variable, with some wind buff and soft settled pow.

    This one has been on the list for a while and it was great to be able to ride it in good conditions (by big(ger) terrain standards). From the semi-stuck parking spot to about 8K we kept a good pace, but from 8k to about 10,800 seemed like it took for-ev-er….Once on the ridge proper it was super fun, transitioned back to skiining (after a couple hundred feet of booting up some loose scree) over to the steeper section, then broke out the crampons and ice axe to the summit. Probably not necessary but still fun to use sharp objects on mini-golf alpine terrain. Lots of exposed rock from winds and sun. Dropping in from the summit required a bit of caution due to thin coverage and snagging a rock that would pitch you over the handlebars. After a side slipping and few slow moving turns it was business as usual.


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