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    My Snurfer logon hasn’t worked for almost a year so I made a new logon, but honestly my aims in snurfing have become so personal and introspective that I don’t see them being of any interest to others. I’m not sure I could put voice to these experiences anyways.

    I have been out twenty or so days this season and ventured to some interesting places. It really feels like it did in the beginning, hiking and riding woodies back in the day, not a soul for miles.

    I prefer not to post many details about where I ride. I suppose If I have to explain this to anyone, we probably have vastly different aims on what we seek from our individual riding experiences.

    At any rate, I think the world of all you dudes as people and I admire you as riders, I’ve just entered a different phase of life where I just want to be out in unperturbed spaces with minimal signs of human activity, enjoying the experience with minimal distraction from ego, especially my own.

    I try and do an Instagram from each trip and hope that in doing so I can share a touch of the joy from my experiences without being a hypocrit



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    Doug wish you could come! Let’s get out sometime soon. Long walk with a high probability of mediocre turns are a favorite of mine. I have a few drainages I would like to check out if you are wanting a long walk.

    Mar I always enjoy seeing the elusive Utah pillows.

    Like everyone it seems I don’t post as often. I still try to get after it but ever since the changed the layout I don’t post as much.

    I went up Tolcat a few weeks ago. It was interesting. Don’t plan on ever going back.

    Went up LCC a few times for longer walks to check things out.

    I have spent a lot of time up Millcreek. I have skied Gobblers a few times now.

    Then I try to take this girl out as much as I can as well. She hates people so we keep to ourselves.

    I have done a few trips and trying to do more exploring this winter. The central cottonwoods sometimes are just too much so I try to avoid them or at least go to further drainages inside them unless I am doing a DP. Then it’s normally a one and done.

    wasatch surf
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    Glad to see some new content. It’s been one of the best winters in years and there are only 3 people contributing. Just got back from a week in Revelstoke, which always makes the Wasatch seem super lame. I tried to meet some friends that are new to touring up in BCC the other day but couldn’t find parking, so I headed back to the city and did a solo trip up Apollo Couloir. Rad to get a steep line in full view of the city, with not a soul around, on a high danger day. All of a sudden the Wasatch seems not so lame.

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    I love that one @wasatch surf. Its usually an annual spring tradition but last year I didn’t get a chance since it never saw snow.

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    nice^^ always good to hear from ya’ll !!

    Things are settling out pretty quick compared to yesterday, at least in Mineral they were. Nice day to sneak out for a long lunch.

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    Got some excellent riding in this morning. I was worried about how much those winds were nuking yesterday but everything we poked around in was soft and fluffy.

    Question – Are you guys packing full size DSLR/Mirrorless cameras with you for all your shots?

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    White Pine- Yeah I normally lug the DSLR on almost all tours. It just adds a little weight. I shoot with a 50mm prime which cuts back on weight a bit. Plus I am too cheap to buy a 24-70.

    Vibes to Doug Green. Pretty good read on the guy here.

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    RE: Gobblers slide
    That’s a real bummer for his loved ones, I can’t begin to fathom the void they’re left with.

    This topic always challenges my mind and soul, its sad and I don’t get it.

    Peace and solace to all involved

    To my friends that tour; find sustainability in your stoke, ride to remain and ride long, come home whole to those who love you.

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    Doug – Well said.

    I know after my accident it really changed how I view terrain and risks. I also refuse to MMQB any situation now as I wasn’t there. I view things vastly different now and have more compassion when someone looses their life in a slide. It isn’t worth it I learned. Hopefully we are all able to learn lessons from this. Surprised that the guide he was with was Tyson Bradley, who arguably knows the wasatch better than most. I do hope we are able to learn more about the decision making and what exactly went wrong instead of just flat out saying they shouldn’t have been there.

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    I use a point and shoot camera, simple, light, compact…using a Canon PowerShot sx710HS and it has a pretty fast continuous shooting mode, nice thing to have for taking action shots.

    Try to do the best I can when it comes to taking photos to get an interesting shot…Most of the time your just not in the ideal spot to get the money photo because we’re more focused on riding lines then setting up a photo shoot. For just dorking around and pointing the camera sometimes you walk away with a few good shots.

    some shots from today…put 4 laps in the Wolvy area
    UTAH aka Shred Dog

    Snow was soft settled powder, fast hero turns. Winds picked up significantly later in the afternoon gusting out of the west and moving a fair amount of snow.

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    UTAH(Nic) aka my basement flooded, poopy pants, over it, lame turns in Lametrap 🙂

    The classic cut it hard faceshot photo.

    Would like to get on some bigger lines but best to dial it back…nice little refresher today.

    Rookie mistake forgot to charge the camera battery, would’ve liked to get the exit out of the white room shot but it turned off right in the middle of burst mode, meh. For some reason the camera is not focusing in some of the continuous shooting mode shots…most likely its my fault prob something to do with the auto focus setting??

    Doug, I always enjoy viewing your photos they have a great feel and style to them.

    Dan, any chance your going to put up some shots or a TR from the Revelstoke trip?

    wasatch surf
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    I might have a few photos to post from CA. I haven’t been taking my camera out much this year and the riding was so good up there, I didn’t take many photos. thank god for iphones.

    Lametrap was pretty damn good yesterday. An 11:30am start allowed me to ride the glades, the cone, donger gully, and the road run and be back to the car by 4pm. Easy way to get close to 5k vert. Weird breaking trail to some old Snurfer zones most of the afternoon, and then once I got up on the Mill D/Beartrap ridgeline for my exit run I saw 15 people on top of Powder Park 3.

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    Hey dudes… Thanks much for the kinds words, shout outs and your thoughts on the current state of snow love. It took a lot of work as I don’t have home internet, but here goes nothing… 15-16 Snurf season thus far

    One of three November/December crosscountry snowboarding forays into the western Uintas / Hourglass Lake

    One of a few Stanbury walks in December

    Late December SunDog at a formerly chill place turned social club for hordes of dumbfucks

    Highway 14 New Years eve, eve

    RUSH “There is unrest in the forest
    There is trouble with the trees
    For the maples want more sunlight
    And the oaks ignore their pleas”

    Pit near Current Creek peak early January

    A pleasure to take my brother ‘Santravler’ on a reunion tour (see next pic for context)

    Freak’n the foothills January

    Roads less traveled

    Freak’n this past weekend

    wasatch surf
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    Yeah Doug!!

    awesome photos. that throw back/reunion photo is awesome.
    good news is most of the dumbfucks still haven’t figured out where the good skiing is there.

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    Nice Doug! Yeah love the throwback/ reunion photo too!!

    Hey Whitepine, I can’t see your photos…anyone else see them?

    Went for a overnight tour last night after work. Really took a lot of self convincing to make it happen but after starring at my winter camping gear sitting on the shelf that hasn’t been used in a while and the fact it was going to be a nice night with good snow I packed up and headed out.

    A couple of strides on the split up the canyon and all my doubts dissipated.

    Ski in Ski out, prime real estate

    Moon over Big

    Rode laps till midnight…I use 2 NiteRider Lumina 750 Headlights strapped to my mountain bike helmet for the descent and a BD headlamp while skinning…Moon was bright enough to skin without a light, but there were a few shadows from trees that I decided to wear lights for the ride down.

    Snow was nice! No crusts rode bottomless.

    My main winter gear is the BD Hilight tent, Western Mountaineering 5 degree bag and their Flash down booties(highly recommend)…Not sure exactly how cold it got last night but it was damn frosty…was comfy wearing my snow pants and down jacket inside my bag.

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    Nice overnighter @mar123. Looks fun. What rating sleeping bag did you use?

    I don’t know what’s going on with my photos. I’m using Google Photos to host them. They always used to share fine in the past. I wish I had that preview post button still existed so I could make sure it works before posting. I guess if you edit a post more than 10 times it will completely erase it from the system. Good thing to remember in case you wrote something you ever regret. I’ll give it another shot at posting it here.

    Edit: Screw this.

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    “What rating sleeping bag did you use?”

    I used a 5 degree bag, is that what you meant? Western Mountaineering are spot on with their ratings when they say rated to 5 degrees they mean it. I got the WM Antelope GWS bag.

    for posting pics your code should start with https:// and end with .jpg and wrapped in the img ^ code button above

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    Cool adventure Dave! I love my WM zero rated bag, but it’s been limited to winter desert trips thus far. They are well worth the price, which aint cheap.

    Corey, I agree posting w/ pics on here is challenging, especially when phone is ones only internet 🙁

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    Ok so I think I’ve got it figured out. After some research I found out that as of recently, Google Photos no longer supports hosting photos for forum use. So I joined flicker. Hopefully this works now.

    These are all from different tours. Playing catch up.

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