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    Let’s get this thread started…

    To all of you “Go Getters”, here’s to a safe and fun ’15/’16 season. Go out and get after it.

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    stretched the legs up at Alta on Saturday with Nic(UTAH)

    there was enough snow to make some turns

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    Headed up to Solitude in search of…. Solitude. Wasnt sure what Alta was going to be like today with all this new snow but I figured if Snowbird is reporting 15″ could be a bit of a jong show wallow fest. Also not sure if I wanted to commit to any bigger lines like Gunsight or Baldy with all the wind and previous bit of faceted snow. So anyways thats why I went to Solitude.

    Figured the parking lot would have a few more people this morning but I was all alone, awesome.

    Most of the upper slopes were still too brushy to ride, but I found a slope that had awesome coverage with no brush. Estimating 10-12″ of new at Solitude. Winds were calm almost non existent. Snow was light. Had some good bottomless turns, no sharks.

    Put in 6 laps, it was a nice quiet morning.

    Solitude is making snow if you stay on the main slopes you can skin/ride the groomers from the lot.

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    Went up to Solitude after work for a night ride…It beats the gym.

    12″ of new… turns off the groomers are getting better, but still expect to hit some rocks

    put 2 laps up to the top of the powderhorn lift

    snowcat making its way up. snow was deep up top, got some good pow turns but still a little too sharky to ride comfortably

    groomers down lower rode very nice, def was able to let it rip

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    Good call heading to Solitude two posts ago @mar123. I heard those same facets and wind took a skier for a ride on both Baldy and another ski cut some activity on Gunslinger that same morning.

    Be sure to bookmark's Recent Activity page...

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    ^thanks Hans…ha!, just re-read my post, didn’t mean that everyone who went to Alta that day was a jong, haha. Glad no one was seriously injured, crazy that Baldy slide propagated way up on the shoulder.

    Headed out again today with mr. UTAH in search of some fun turns.

    couple short laps

    scoped a line that looked good, decided to go for it

    No sharks encountered, but they are lurking. Snow and turns were better than expected. Snowpack was apx two(+/-) feet deep depending on terrain. Cross loaded wind filled gullies had the best coverage…Snowpack was basically large grain facets at the bottom up to small grain facets, capped by a semi supportable wind buff layer…on top of the wind buff was the most recent snow maybe 4-6″ with some graupel mixed in….made for some nice soft surfy turns….no scratchy crusts/bottom feeding encountered….wind buff layer provided enough support to prevent punching all the way through the snowpack. nice day with zero winds.

    looking forward to more snow!

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    LOcO Dave.

    Much More Snow!!

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    6″ is the new 40″

    “Next week, massive high pressure develops over the heart of North America with a trough off the west coast….Right now, global ensembles are in decent agreement that the trough will eventually start nosing into North America, but probably not until the second week of December.”


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    Between the lines.

    Today was much of the same. Winds from last night added a little bit of a wind skin to most slopes, scoured certain ridgelines but things stayed good off the ridge. Twas cold. Take care.

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    On Thanksgiving I wanted to venture over to something I knew was grassy so I went to Meadow Chutes. I saw on the UAC that someone had already been up there so I decided to go. We put the skinner in at the normal area.

    It is a bit thin.

    The top section was super good. I switched to hard boots this year and I was really doubting myself until I rode this. It seemed I couldn’t ride worth a shit, but with the new snow it all felt normal. Here is Anthony blazing through it.

    Today I took the dog up to Porter Fork to stretch our legs and continue breaking in the ski boots.

    Went about a quarter of the way up the northwest face of gobblers. Turned around as pups paws were freezing up and I forgot her booties. It is a bit thin but she was stoked.

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    last few storms refreshed things nicely….some legit faceshots, choking on snow were had.

    wasatch surf

    some color

    hopefully we’ll keep getting a few inches here and there until things decide to turn on. surprisingly the snowpack is hanging in there, still has some structure to it and not completely rotted out. still too sharky to let it rip, choose wisely.

    wasatch surf
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    Hey Boys!

    Glad to see a little stoke on the forum. It’s seems like SB is a shadow of it’s former self but thanks to those of you that are still keeping the faith.

    I started the season by going up 10420 last sunday with singlewhitecaveman. It sucked.
    On thanksgiving I sacked up and did the Skin the Turkey SkiMo race for the fourth year and had a ton of fun. Kudos to everyone involved with that.

    This past weekend was pretty good and actual turns on actual snow were made.

    Here is a collection of photos from two days of touring. Snowpack is shallow and kind of shitty. We are gonna have problems if it ever dumps, especially if it goes high pressure for a week or more. LCC seems to be doing better in terms of depth and bonding compared to BCC/PC ridgeline, but I didn’t dig around much.

    Looking good!

    Another Lap

    Pow Selfie!

    Mar123 Breaking Trail



    Sunday got really cold as it moved towards evening, both days were super humid and damp which resulted in some pretty epic ‘stache and beard cicles.

    Stoked to get out with Dave and Alister over the past week, hope to see more of you as the season progresses.

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    Most days in November resulted in a high pow turn to rock ratio. What else can a guy guy ask for? Here are some pics in chronological order.

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    ^^^^^^Good stuff SwitchBack, way to get off the beaten path.
    New snow was right side up and just enough to reset most zones. Certain aspects got just the right little bit of a cross load to improve supportability without over loading the weak layer at the bottom. Not a lot of options so if it aint broke why fix it.

    Take care.

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    few additional pics from yesterday…

    same zone another day…coverage was a little better here then a few weeks ago, improved support with wind buff and new snow

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    Friday was the only day I could get pretty pictures.
    Crust below the fluff really helped with the rocks.

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    Its Balls out there…The Wasatch Awakens…

    Breaking trail was a chore, but tolerable due to the right side up low density snow. Didn’t observe any natural activity nor any collapsing or instabilities on route/drainage traveled. Few slopes were steep enough to slide but there were enough twigs/ anchors poking about that I felt comfortable on it (4th photo). Good turns back down to main trail. Enough snow over twigs and stuff that you can ride full speed no worries about hitting anything. It was deep and with the low density/right side up snow it wasn’t too wallowy.

    Also should prob echo what UAC is saying as well, manage your terrain wisely. More snow, high temps, and winds could make for some dicey(er) conditions over the next few days.

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    I was expecting novelty turns, ended up with some high quality top to bottom riding.

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    nice switchback, thats right above my house…I was thinking about checking that out, did you hit any rocks?

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    Cardiff, Georges

    Got to sneak a lap in while my buddy was booting back out because his binding broke on his skiis…bummer it was his first tour too. At least it broke at the bottom on the main trail.

    A look into Mineral, upper Mill B, and Broads

    closer look…Natural on Drom

    little traverse away from the tracks

    while traversing the ridge got several collapses and shooting cracks on the little rollovers and wind loaded pockets….Id imagine you could find some big trouble on steep sustained slopes off the ridges

    Not Bad

    Snow was settled, most areas had a rime crust layer all the way up to the ridge, the rime was zipper thin to unnoticeable, wouldn’t call it stout. Winds were gusting from the south, certain areas had some wind effect as well.
    Thought the turns were pretty good all the way down, mix bag of zipper with soft snow to soft surfy settled snow. Thought it was worthy of a few laps but had to get back to the car, so one and done.

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