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    thanks Doug!

    Headed to Provo Peak today with mej(Matt)

    Matt out in front, Hoping the clouds will break…this gully run was great on the way out, corned up nicely

    Matt on Provo peak


    Visibility was bad, but it was enough to allow for some good speedy turns to be made without vertigo

    The turns were great but the visibility was horrible, kinda bummed because it could’ve been all-time out there today …Overall it was cool to summit Provo Peak

    Hope ya’ll have been getting after it!!…laters :guinness:

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    Went to White Pine yesterday and it snowed the entire time. First time venturing to white pine and I was surprised on how flat it seemed to the lake. Once we got to the lake you could not make out anything so we bailed on going any higher. Here is the only photo worth posting of the day. There was a weird crust about 2″ underneath the surface. I could not figure out what kind of crust it was as it was about 3/4″ thick but not super stout. Anyone else notice it?

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    Late notice but is anyone interested in a tour in Great Basin National Park tomorrow? Ideally id wait till they open the gate to 10000 ft but I don’t have to work tomorrow and my winter freedom with work is coming to an end soon. my sights are set on Jeff Davis peak’s NE facing ramp. Figure 5 miles and 5k to the top with dirt hiking, bush wacking and general adventure guaranteed. PM if interested.

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    6-8″ today in upper LLC… dense and surfy …rode smooth no bottom feeding or crust contact. Maybe 10″ by tomorrow?

    Good fun turns for late April
    Utah(nic) making some turns

    no instabilities, snow seemed to be bonding well, wet and glued as I would put it…winds had their moments so maybe some small manageable slabs at upper elevations

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    Headed over to the same zone today. Plan was to do some more laps, but with the winds, bad visibility, and variable snow we decided it wasn’t worth it…snow was much more wind effected today

    Retreated to a more sheltered area for a tree run, snow was great…but had high expectations today in terms of weather, kinda was over it with the gusting winds and bad visibility…one and done. 😥 …but some great snow and cool temps for late April! Seems sheltered tree runs would be the ticket today.

Viewing 5 posts - 301 through 305 (of 305 total)

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