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    wasatch surf
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    whoa you guys killed.

    Doug-looks like such a rad area

    Utah- you know I love that tour, stoked to see those lines filled in finally.

    Mej- thanks for the beaver stoke, I need to get down that way.

    can’t wait until i’m cleared to get out and tour again

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    wow you guys got after it this week. Made it really hard to live vicariously on the east coast this this weekend PS bucky, my name is mike (green jacket, white helmet during splitfest). But I sure wish it was me in those pics.

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    yeah some great stoke!! nice pics matt, that line looks sick! always gawk at that peak driving towards st. george

    Headed into Mill B today…I thought there was some serious greenhousing going on today, snow was really damp on all aspects up to about 9600/9800

    Once off the main trail a furious skin glop battle ensued till about 9600…going to keep some wax in the bag from now on

    Athey’s Line, crowns, debris, damp snow, loaded…another time,… also Peak 9924 or Eeny ripped out huge running full track

    crown extended across the whole ridge, running full track…probably natural from last week?

    Hang in there buddy

    Finally a view of some clear sky

    sheeew, found it!!

    The line…this thing sketched me out, maybe I forgot the A game today :scratch: , but dropping in from the top you cannot see the entrance to the colouir and the top bowl is a blind roll that looks like you will just fall off into space, more exposure than I was anticipating. I literally could not see the colouir until I was right on top of it…basically if you dont hit it just right your going to cliff out…I actually rode right to it the first time and thought it was a cliff rode a little further down and realized that where I was definitely wasn’t it and had to boot back up about 20 feet. I took a beta photo with my camera at the bottom which helped a lot 🙄

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    YES! I was short on time last time I posted. I don’t know why the wife’s so pissed…. I was home by 2:00, I picked a years worth of poop up in the backyard, washed the cars, watered the plants, did the shopping, showered the kids and cooked dinner. Just kidding, my wife is the most supportive girl ever, in fact she’s always super stoked when I go riding cause she knows how to manipulate the situation in her favor (e.g. alot of shit gets done).

    Where to begin so much amazing diverse stoke in one page. Snurfer that fox/coyote pic is surreal, especially after such a crazy fun walk. Really can’t wait to get on the track with you. mej you are crazy. I did a tour out there one time I remember looking at that line from Delano it looked super far away and I had already gone a long ways. Wasatch I thought about you that day. mar123, that line is so technical so many features and different exposures. Here’s a pic from a while ago, eyed that one the whole day. Awesome work.

    Anyways, Switchback sound like were back in the flow. Hopefully mej will back me up on that. Should be good when you get back. Snowvols couldn’t quite see how filled the rocky choke at top of the needle was. Coverage looked good up there albeit windjacked. I meant to look at the coverage in the exit, I think that would be the worst part. Take care.

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    thanks UTAH..crazy how much difference the perspective of a photo can make, I dont think my original photos do the line much justice

    digging through some photos…heres a shot I took a few years back from Neffs

    even looks more gnar…also has a good look at the ridge to gain the summit

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    Winterish condition today!

    Extra caution required on tiger snow!

    Waist shots abound!

    PS, I broke a pin skinning the other day. Glad I had a spare. Just a reminder to keep your kit stocked.

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    Me and mar123 got after the shred this week hooking up for a skate sesh and then again today for a pow popper sesh. It sounded like stars were aligning for an epic day, the sky seemed the limit. Slight density inversion capped with evening wind/wind slabs created an early morning slab fest with possible settling later in the day but unfortunately the front came in with a vengeance and we bailed.
    Typical spring day pockety but predictable.


    Photo Credit mar123, always gets the best shots.

    We would have loved to get a couple more laps in but the front came in strong. Should be interesting tomorrow.

    Take care.

    Edit to add. ^^^ haha SwitchBack posting at the same time. Beautiful lines!

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    Woops SwitchBack, somehow I thought you = John L…. good to meet ya though and nice work, UTAH, mar123, snurfer, mej!
    It not the Wasatch, but here’s some shots from the western part of the north slope of the Uintas, over past 4 days:

    A trip to the yurt with snow in the forecast calls for Unicorn Chasers all around.

    Is this cheating? In the distance, you can see the treed slopes that we laid 40 tracks down.

    We dug a pit at 10900′ north-facing windloaded in medium density trees near the summit. We got a result of ECT 23 Q2: by that I mean that we isolated a 3 ft wide column and it took the 3rd shoulder-strength whack to get a shear in the column, which was about a foot down with little energy but a well-defined bed surface. This was the new windblown storm snow failing on what seemed to be older windpacked layer. It broke only under the shovel at 23; it took harder-than-shoulder whacks to get it to propagate across the whole 3 ft wide column. The rest of the snowpack down to 6 ft deep was pretty consistently settled and well bonded. We didn’t dig all the way down to ground to check out the full depth behavior as probing showed the total snowpack depth in this windloaded spot to be 10 or 11 ft and that’s too much digging for me. A full depth pit dug all the way to the ground in a shallower location would have been helpful to understand the potential for deep slabs. Even though this test (and our observations of no slides in the area, no whomphing, no nasty wind slabs breaking off) suggested that the upper part of the snowpack was in fairly decent shape, we decided to leave the more avy-prone terrain of northern slopes of the mtn alone, mostly cuz: the deep slabs may still be lurking, plus it kept snowing while we were there, plus there was a lot of wind transport (50+ mph winds and a tree blown down right at the yurt). So we decided to play it safe and confine our riding to slightly lower angle, northwest to west-facing trees.


    Haystack Nubbins One and Two:



    On the up through the lower burnt forest:

    Sleds, kaossilators, brownies, chopping wood, freestyle battles, faceshots every run. Let’s do it again sometime boys!

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    Nice Bucky looks like a blast!

    Some stoke from today, got out again with UTAH to the Patsy/Wolvie Cirque areas
    Patsy sigs

    Mar123, pow slasher, Heavens Gate

    UTAH Shralping the Cirque…had to wait for the sun, well worth it

    UTAH taking the plunge

    Mar123…more cirque action, fast n steep

    Kicked a sizeable cornice into the cirque which produced no results, snow was great rode fast, not nearly as reactive as on Friday.

    wasatch surf
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    damn yurt looks fun! sorry I had to bail 😥

    nice work Dave and Nic! Stoked to start touring again this week. I headed north and rode my old hood, Grand Targhee. It nuked up there, riding tracked out resort powder is a real drag though.

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    Glad to see folks out enjoying the late season goods, well done gentlemen

    Kaossilators and brownies FTW :headbang:

    Shark Snowsurf Chuna
    Voile V-Tail 170 BC
    Voile One Ninety Five
    Spark R&D Arc

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    North facing snow has been fun these last few days

    I give today an A+ for perfect weather and snow quality. Fast supportive and light.

    New snow wasn’t bonding well to old school. I cleaned out must of yesterdays storm snow with a cut in a chute and lots of other sloughing on the steeps. E facing tanners started falling apart around 10.

    Oh ya, don’t get too cute in the mank down low or you’ll end up in a bush

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    Great to see that someone else is hiking up here besides me. (Western Uintas)
    Hit up Morning Glory this morning,..
    Followed some coyote track up a bit and then hit the trees. My route sucked, but I made it. Descent was a blast. Avoided the cliff that took out my knee years ago. Top couple hundred were sweet, then it got crusty. Talus still showing a bit. Like a skatepark.
    Snowpack is bomber at that elevation. 8200
    Cant figure how to load a pic

    Oh, props to the Wolverine crew. One of my favorite tours. Same situation, waited for the sky to clear enough to see the enormity and then dropped Bronco. Sweet

    wasatch surf
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    last evening I rolled up to cardiff peak around 5pm. Temps were cooling but still really warm with some wind and clouds. Skin track was fucking slick! put in my own to add to the 15 already in place up pole line pass. Ride down was interesting, frozen slush and ski tracks. If you found a smooth part of the slope it was pretty nice supportable slush. manky down by the road even around 6pm it was still 40+ degrees at alta. Still it was really nice to go touring after a month sabbatical due to health.

    Uintalife- post your photos to flickr or photobucket and then paste the embed code here.

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    Nice work everyone. I’m glad everyone has gotten after it. :rock:

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    some stoke from today, very pleasant conditions light breeze and partial clouds…prolly a bit cooler today than the last few days

    me…south face was holding nice fluff this morning





    yeah brah!!

    nice low density fluff over a spongy base…skinning back up the south face the snow was damp but was not overly concerned about wet slides today at least on this slope

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    Back to Back stoke…today was another good one, early start due to the predicted rising temps

    UTAH slashing…great snow, again low density on a spongy base…you can see evidence of wind effect on shoulders but line was great top to bottom

    UTAH breaking…some minor wet sluffing observed on the southerly aspects mid way up…temps were cooler up higher in the colouir

    from the top…some evidence of an old booter…line was completely filled in, dropping

    UTAH opening it up

    Some observations of minor wet sluffing on southerly aspects. At the bottom skinng up we witnessed snow shedding off rock slabs and cascading over cliffs far lookers right making a scary rumble, was a bit intimidating…but in this case “a dog’s bark is worse than its bite”. Was enough to deter a party of 4 just in front of us…not judging them on their call, to each their own.

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    Nice job UTAH and mar123! That is a nice line. That stuff in Snake Creek looks good too. Glad nobody blew up on the apron like JJ. I got out today with my buddy Ian hoping to beat the heat in the Grunge Couloir and we succeeded. I went up the Grunge a couple years ago but didn’t make it to the top for a couple reasons. I have wanted to finish the job ever since.

    Skinning up.

    There was a good breeze on the way up and the north slopes were wind effected. The couloir itself was great though. It had slid pretty big prior to the Thursday storm so there was 5-10 inches of settled pow on a hard base in there.

    Heading up the couloir.

    We wanted to switch over on the flat ridge near the N summit of timp but wallowing in 4 feet of facets on a 50+ degree slope near the ridgetop (a common feature of couloir tops and ridgelines in the Wasatch I have found) kept us from getting there. Instead we backtracked and headed up to the top of the chute where it is hemmed in by cliffs. The problem there is that you need to switch over on a really steep slope. Switching over was a challenge. The ride down was sublime.

    After exiting the couloir we traversed over to a 2000′ N facing line that dumps you onto the Timpooneke Road. I actually popped out a 15’x20’x4″ wind pillow near the top of this chute, which wasn’t surprising since there had been some loading there on our way up. On the road it was 30 min of skinning and we were back at the Bear Canyon trail, and 15 minutes of teeth chattering frozen forest trail riding after that we were at the car. As much as getting up early in the spring sucks it sure is nice to be home by 1 pm. For those that are interested it looks like the Alpine Loop road is melted out above the closure gate so sled access might not be possible anymore.

    wasatch surf
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    Nice Dave and Nic!
    Mej- stoked that you finally can put that one behind you. beautiful line.
    This weekend was pretty awesome. Couldn’t go quite as big as I wanted due to work on saturday and still getting my energy back up from hitting the bong and laying on the couch all of February. Grizzly, Silver, and Days rode insanely well on saturday and we saw no one until we dropped into days. Jeff is in town from Hawaii and we hit a lap on the obelisk and hogum 200 sunday. wanted to venture to coalpit or maybe take a look at the needle, but decided to wait until another day as the needle had several tracks and the coalpit exit seemed like an ordeal. The hogum exit was interesting, took a wrong turn in some brush and had some hateful moments thrashing about, but Jason found a summer trail that lead us straight to the car. I’ll post pics later.

    Snow obs- good and hot, things got windy and cooled off late sunday afternoon up high. pulled out one long running sluff on a chute in the obelisk.

    wasatch surf
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    did a few laps on george’s exited mineral. best turns of the season for me, at least on terrain less than about 35 degrees. if you didn’t get out today i’m sorry.

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