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    Should we get the thread started?… Still a little too early?…

    I don’t know, I think there is discussion worthy snow amounts up there. The current snow pack is not yet ridable, depending on your opinion, but what’s out there now will definitely shape the course of this early season’s future safety. Too much, too soon with a warm cycle will rot.

    If anything, starting this thread now will assemble the troops. To all of you “Go Getters”, here’s to a safe and fun ’13/’14 season. Go out and get after it.

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    Thinking of poking-around Saturday, anyone interested?

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    Already that time of year……. I am headed up now as I just got out of work. Might as well poke around a little bit.

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    Curious to hear what you find 🙂

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    Thin is a nice way to put it. Went up Guardsman and it was hardly rideable. There were a few strips from last weeks snow with the new snow on top. Fun to make a few turns though. Probably 3″ of new snow on top of 3″ of old snow. 6″ of fun! :headbang:

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    Well, I don’t think it was 6″ at guardsmanspass pass. I’d say mainly around 3-4 inches. Bu last weekend while hunting I had a view into broads fork and mill b south and there were roller balls everywhere on the open slopes; total wet activity like late spring. Don’t know how shallow that snow is.

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    I am heading up to SLC this week from Vegas to spend Halloween with my nieces. It looks like it will be a stormy week up there. Is there any chance that I should bring my split or is it too soon?

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    Well, you never really know how storms are going to manifest until its over.

    Here is what we know; (from NOAA) best case scenario is 10-20″ new snow at highest elevations (above 10k’). This will add to an existing 8-20″ containing MF crust and facets near the ground (Observation from JIVESTICK is a week old and its been clear and sunny in the interim). Best case scenario for mid-elevation grassy slopes is 5-9″ over no existing snow.

    The currently forecast snow extends only through Wednesday night followed by clear sunny weather through the weekend. In other words, its a long walk over dirt to ride in very rocky, or bare terrain and then have to walk out. You’d be better off getting in some biking or hiking around to look at terrain for future visits.

    Shark Snowsurf Chuna
    Voile V-Tail 170 BC
    Voile One Ninety Five
    Spark R&D Arc

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    Good to know…thanks for the information

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    Went up Collins to Baldy shoulder this morning. The new snow up at higher elevations was slabby, shooting cracks coming with every step. Ended up turning around and picking my way back down the ridge to the top of wildcat. 2 slides on the NE aspect, about 60 feet across, 8-12 inches deep, that we likely triggered remotely(like over 50 feet away). A guy I met up there took pics of the slides, and will hopefully post them on the UAC site. Down lower under collins, the snow was deep enough to keep you off the bottom, mostly:)

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    Went for a stroll today, couldn’t resist

    Trick-or-Treat time will tell…I’d imagine for now the snow structure is pretty similar in the Uintas as the central Wasatch….Kinda spooked by the old snow/ facets lurking

    Away from resorts and crowds so…(taken from on the way back)

    West Facing, New snow 10-12″ on top of about a 4″ solid frozen layer of facets…facets were solidly bonded in a 1 finger hardness layer, probably melt/freeze, new snow bonded well, Little bit of wind slab forming in spots ….no instabilities observed. green light go.



    West facing was heating up on the exit out.


    wasatch surf
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    nice Dave! Years ago Snurfer and I made the pilgrimage to the uinta’s for some halloween turns. One of my favorite tours ever. Nice line.

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    Hi guys. Happy post Halloween and nice getting up to the Uintas mar! I’m headed to Alta tomorrow Saturday 1 PMish tomorrow for an afternoon lap or two if anybody wanna try to catch up with me and Jason M.

    I also wanted to let you all know about Save Our Canyons’ Ullr Ball, which will be held November 9th, Saturday, at The Garage. Save Our Canyons is instrumental in preserving our backcountry interests here in the Wasatch so they deserve our support. They also include some die-hard splitboard brethren. Please consider sending some support their way. They run on a shoestring budget and it’s money well spent. Voile is supporting this ball too and you’ve prolly heard of them and they’re cool too and they’re giving away a splitboard at the Ullr Ball! Beer, music, early season giddyness and free gear. Check it out:

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    ^^^^Proud SaveOurCanyons member. Hope to see some of you guys at the UAC discussion today as well. Dave your crazy beautiful line. Took a walk in upper lcc yesterday, kind of a late post. Stuck to summer roads. Got a couple rather large collapses on N/NE facing aspects. Lot’s of whumpfing through the flats. Pretty easy to feel the facets under the new snow with pole probes as well. Probably could have got away with riding E/ Slight NE today but I stood away from anything that looked to be loaded and was likely sitting on the old snow. Dug around quite a bit and got some fun turns.

    ~9000, N facing, CT and ECT 22, clean shears not a lot of energy. 30cm new sitting on 30cm old which is the weak layer dust makes it easy to see.

    ~9500, E/ slight NE, CT 22, pretty clean shear far less energy dug it in the flats cause I didn’t want to get too exposed this aspect on the mend, 20cm new on top of 20cm old. Probably could have managed this slope and got away with riding it but it looked loaded to me and I’m in no hurry.

    Rode SE today, 30 cm sitting on the ground, no lingering old snow was found.

    Riding condition were best on N/NE facing up high where I found supportable snow and decent coverage. Most aspects saw some sun and will most likely be crusty in the morning. Lower elevation snow was thin. That’s my observation for first turns of the year…woooohoooo. Take care.

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    Nice work Dave and Nic! :headbang:

    Myself, I’m not quite ready to don the clown outfit yet, so I opted for shorts and sneaks to go look at snow.

    Went for a walk up Desolation Trail to Neff’s pass yesterday. Temps at 7am were in the high forties at the trail head (5,745′). Snow was spotty below 7500′ and limited to very shady areas, faceted and sitting on bare ground. As I climbed out of the shade of the canyon temps rose into the mid fifties.

    From 7500′ to 8000′ there was a conssitent 1-3′ of facted and/or unconsolidated snow with a thin MF crust. Snow was consistent on aspects of 30° NNE though 330° NNW, overlying about an inch of ice/snow.

    Above 8000′ temps dropped well into the high thirties (10am). Trail breaking was consistent through 5-8″ of good powder overlying about 4″ of rotted sugar snow. I noted no instabilities, even up on the high bowl (10K’) along the approach to Neff’s pass. At the pass into Neff’s (8700′) the wind was gusting fiercely and snow at the pass (due west) was mostly non-existent. Also of note, the tops of the ridges due west had little, to no snow. No doubt a result of the wind. From this observation point, north facing Neff’s and Olympus looked to have about the same snow as I’d just passed through (5-8″) perhaps more above 9K’ and in sheltered areas.

    Being in running shorts and shoes, wind blasting and fresh HUGE cat tracks all around the pass, I opted to back track rather than loop down into to Neff’s proper.

    Geek stuff….
    Aspects E through N
    Max Elev 8,756
    3,364′ of gain and descent
    11.4 miles round trip

    Shark Snowsurf Chuna
    Voile V-Tail 170 BC
    Voile One Ninety Five
    Spark R&D Arc

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    Headed back up upper lcc around 1ish. 4 inches of light density snow, winds blowing hard, loading some, scouring most slopes. Variety of surface conditions found. Couldn’t resist digging another pit in the same location I did on 11/1 to see what one warm day and one cold night would do to the snowpack.

    ~9000, N facing, snowstructure remains the same.

    Nothing on an ECT, even with some major probing.

    Finally got a collapse using a variation of the Saw Propogation Test (PST).

    Noticed a group of two put a line down upper N facing. Found pretty good snow despite the winds.
    Take care.

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    11/3 Went up to the Gad 2 area today at the Bird in search of freshies

    about 3-4 inches of new, the snow rode fantastic, no crust or bottom feeding, nice fluffy pow on a spongy base

    no rocks and nice coverage if your looking to make some cruising turns

    winds were gusting about 20-30mph out of the N/NW
    snow coverage was great with no other visible tracks in the area

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    Nice work boys! Good looking turns for early in the year. Hey, nice seeing some folks at USAW this weekend.

    So, I’ve got a sitter from 9-3 tomorrow (Tuesday, 11/5). I’ll be heading up LCC if anyone wants to get out.

    PM if interested. Thanks!

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    Headed back up to the Bird for round 2 today, wanted to get up on some high north facing stuff to see how the snowpack was holding up. 12:30pm-4:30pm was snowing for most of the day, probably about 2inches of new.

    Put in 3 laps on the upper, snow was great. The few extra inches between yesterday and today made for some nice turns.

    little bit of color

    ECT 26 Q2 shear at about 8″ down at my first 3 finger mark. At the interface of the new and older snow. 10K, N.

    Overall the snowpack seemed pretty lethargic, I was nervous about the facets but after the pit I couldn’t get any failure on the facet layer except if I pried the column forward with my shovel. The facets at the very bottom were getting stronger the facets just under the dirt layer were still a bit sugary. The snow was really stubborn to get any kind of reaction. Was happy with the pit results so I proceeded to the upper bowls, did not observe any instabilities.

    Fun turns and good coverage back down to the car. FYI, The bird is making snow, running snowcats and snowmobiles.

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    FYI, Just read on Snowbird’s website that they are now closed to all uphill traffic…Strike while the iron is hot, right? 😀

    Anyone know when Alta will be closing uphill traffic?

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