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    nice stoke!!

    snowvols, great shot of the cliff drop!!

    Matt is that the “how did you know where to put that” skinner? looks like it was an epic tour(jealous) :thumpsup:

    wasatch surf

    nice work everyone!
    shredOR- love that chute off of the hogsback! haven’t been out there for a few seasons.


    Looks like touring is winding down. What a shift between this weekend and last. Well today went up to ride the Timpanogos West Face. I have been eying the line since I moved here a few years ago. It didn’t disappoint. Missed ya Dan!

    Started Early.

    Booted up the entire 6,500 vert feet. First time using crampons. They are nice haha

    Corn Harvest. Corn was perfect the entire way down.

    I was so stoked to hit this line. I am beat today. Long approach but totally worth it.


    Nice, Logan. That is definitely the best line (of the many) on the west face of Timp. The snowpack is looking bleak up there though, wow. That line had more snow in late May two years ago!


    Spent easter weekend checking out the La Sals in SE utah. They are a nice change up from the wasatch and a really cool range over all.

    Standard desert gear.

    Did a whole lot of this :

    For a little of this:

    The snow softened up nicely during the day and rode nicely


    Wow siick Switchback. Great shots, always wanted to get up there with some snow.

    wasatch surf

    damn Logan I have purposely avoided looking at this page so I didn’t see your report. Working doubles has been killing me, super bummed I couldn’t motivate myself to get up after 1.5hours of sleep. :nononno: great job!

    nice work on the La Sals switchback!

    Stagger Lee

    I too was in the La Sals last week. Spent 3/31 – 4/3 at the Tomasaki Hut. Definitely the shittiest hut I’ve ever stayed in. We lucked out with one great powder day and even rode settled pow and Slick Rock in one day. As usual, I took very few pictures :mrgreen:

    Obs: ~150 cm of snow near Geyser Pass on Wed. Snowline was still well below Geyser Pass parking, too.

    Stagger Lee

    Oh yeah, this thread, as well as the last few years worth, has been full of much win. Not sure why I never post anymore but I’ve been digging all the quality stoke :thumbsup:


    Hit up Days from Spruces this evening…Snow was Super Duper!

    got a lap on each of these…snow was really good, bottomless turns the whole way.

    crazy UFO cloud…bunch of high marking from sleds…looks like a couple naturals in Cardiff from daytime heating or wind loading?

    good to have winter back

    some nice looking lines back there

    North-Northeast were really good, anything else was zippered to heavily crusted…exited apx @ 6:30

    gotta show some sigs

    snow felt like it was bonded well in days, didn’t notice/see/feel any slabs popping at all…winds were gusting out of the north/north east up at the ridges…thought maybe it would be icy towards the ridge but the snow was holding on, at least were I was the winds were not doing very much damage if any.


    Did a few laps from cardiff pass. The snow on the north side was great! It road bottomless and was really light.

    The south side seemed windloaded everywhere and got denser as you got lower.

    Over all the snow was great. Visability kinda sucked though earlier in the day.

    wasatch surf

    Nice Dave! those are real close to being my favorite lines in the central wasatch. never have had a bad day in there!
    this is what conditions have looked like for me lately, kinda slimy.


    Wow Dan those are some lunker rainbows! Was all of that in Utah?

    Went out this morning. Snow was still fluffy down to below 7k in BCC if it hadn’t seen any sun yesterday. About 6 inches at 7k, a foot at 10k. It was really good above 9k. I was worried more about keeping it out of my face than staying off the buried crust up high.


    Nice fish wasatch surf! Are your rods reel-less? Reminds be of the cane poles I used to used to catch bluegill with in ponds.

    Anyway, the wind is still doing its thing out there.

    Spent the day in days. The snow was still really fun on the north aspects once you got below the wind damage up high.

    However, exiting down south facing flagstaff face around 3 was miserable. The whole way down was a nasty breakable crust/windskin/damp snow combo. Really had to work hard to stay on top/turn.


    I had no idea arches was so close to home. Hilarious!

    wasatch surf

    switchback- yeah those are tenkara rods, which is an old Japanese version of fly fishing that is getting popular in the US. Exactly like a cane pole, but they collapse for easy transport and work great on the smaller streams we have in Utah.

    mej- yeah that was all in Utah, all the ‘bows were from the lower provo. they are spawning right now so they are all over the place.


    just thought I’d post this up in here…some bad news

    Sucks this happened, didn’t know him personally, appreciate all the work these guys do.


    Those UDOT guys are so sick, so strong. Sometimes I’ll spot a track going up that N. Side/S. facing side of BCC kind of across just above Mineral trailhead, clearing the rode but probably also hitting some sick lines no one ever hits. If I had a dream job it would be that. My thoughts and prayers to the family and kids.


    Saturday was amazing! Sunshine, 2 feet of blower powder …. 😯 and then I woke up.
    So we rode this instead.

    It was still awesome though. It was more for the adventure of it than the snow quality.

    This tour was a bit closer to home so had some great views. I could have used some sunshine though.

    Observations include layers of knife hard ice blocks, sticks and pine needles.


    Did two tours today. This morning I putzed around brighton, taking advantage of the chair while I still can. It was coming down pretty good this morning.

    Todays snow was really light and fluffy but yesterdays snow has definately crusted up on all aspects

    Id say about a 10-12 inches fell since yestedays snow. North facing rode bottomless. West was soft, you could feel the crust on east and south had a really hard, unpleasant ice crust under the light snow.

    The snow really wanted to sluff. I cleared a couple chutes with slope cuts, and it seemed that i was getting chased by them with everyturn. But Id call them very managable if you were expecting them.

    The north winds we have been having lately have been putting cornices is funny places.

    And the seagull is getting fat lately. More of an eagle these days.

    In the evening I poached alta for dusk patrol. High elevation northfacing was still really good, maybe a tiny bit denser, despite the afternoon sun. All other aspects were unpleasant to turn on.

    For some reason she didnt take her board out of touring mode for the decent….

    Round 2 moving in..

    Really fun day overall and it sure felt good to ride powder at 800PM on April 16th.

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