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    I reposted this from an earlier posting so it grabs more attention , this is a very easy way to improve your efficiency using forums, it works a treat with BBpress but not so well with older forums e.g. I tried it on phpbb today and I couldn’t find an rss feed. You don;t even have to visit the site to know there are new topics or posts you just keep an eye on your RSS feed. Read on…….

    So I am trialing RSS feed – really simple syndication , to get updates to my browser of new posts. This should enable me to see all new posts in almost real time (5 mins) and filter through the interesting ones. I’ll let you all know how I go. I use different browsers depending on the system I am using at home or work, so far trialing with Google Chrome browser and using an extension for Chrome called “The RSS Aggregator” and in seconds its setup and taking feeds out of SPLITBOARD.COM and SPLITBOARD.COM/TALK , I’m using this post as a test so will update it with my success or not!

    edit: later in the day……

    Yup its working for me, you need to setup RSS Aggregator to take feeds from each actual forum, such as “Boots” or “Splitboard Talk Forum” and you set update frequency to what ever you like, and whamo it sends you updates of all new activity!!!!! Funny this RSS and Atom system is a commonly used internet thingie thats been around for a couple of decades and useful for all forum users who are watching info from lots of forums but whom don’t always have time to filter through each one individually. Stoked I’ve always wondered if it was useful now I know it is!

    Further to this I ran it today on Chrome on Windows 7 and also Chrome on MACOS Mavericks, its going beautifully! Any questions sing out if you need help getting it going.

    Richard Harcourt
    New Zealand Splitboard Equipment Specialist
    Spark R&D | Fitwell Backcountry / Freeride | SPLITN2 Custom Splitboards
    p: +64 3 3266585

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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