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    Hi, I’m considering going to plastic boots, tele or AT, for snowboarding next season. And one of my biggest concerns is being able to stand completly upright while I’m riding. HAven’t been in many ski boots the last few years but I do seem to remember they all had a at least a little mandatory forward lean. Any that allow a striaght up stance or that are easily tinkered with to allow same?

    I ride steepish angles and no forward lean on my highbacks now for both my soft setup and with pmb’s. I do realize that it is a major change in style but feel it is time to try plates again.


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    I have a set of Lowa Strukturas that I wanted less forward lean on the front boot. The Lowa’s have a single position “walk/ski” lever; “ski mode” had too much lean and “walk mode” didn’t have enough heelside support. There is a pretty easy mod that allows for a second “ski” position that is more upright. It’s possible with a bit of dremel work. I’ll take a couple pics if you’re interested.


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    sorry to take this subject off topic but I’m wondering why so many people ride with little or NO forward lean on their bindings.

    I totally understand that during skinning it is not required but on the decent…
    Forward lean promotes bending at the knees which I according to the AASI (snowboard instructors) is a more natural balance/center of gravity. It also gives way more control on heelside turns 😉

    I don’t remember seeing any surfers, skaters, any aggressive stance sport riding with their knees locked in a straight position.

    From my own experience, I know running steeper angles creates a pressure point on the back of my calve. For this reason some…most quality binders allow the highback to rotate in the heelcup. Not saying this is YOUR problem but have you tried matching the rotation of your highback to match the heelside edge of your board after you mounted the bindings @ your desired angles.

    😀 j.m.o.

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    It’s called FRANKENSTYLE. 😀

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