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    I was talking to Pete the owner the other night and he said that they will be making splitboards in two sizes this year. @ $1000 fully equipped. Unity has been making solid boards for years and are the only other company besides neversummer to use a p-tex sidewall. They are usually a little bit lighter than NS too. AND they are made right down the street from my house. (Bomber is nearby too!)

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    That is nice to see a couple more offerings.
    I’d still like to see a little more competition in our market.
    Sheesh, most ski companies make available more skiis in their own line then we get to choose from total for splitting.

    what is the total offerings of splitboards up to now?
    different models only, not lengths.
    10? +/-
    3 Voile – OG, MG, ST
    3 Prior – standard, Kyber, ST
    1 Burton
    1 Winterstick
    1 Unity
    ? Never Summer (they’ll split any model?)
    Missing any?

    There is no real high end personable board out there. Getting to ride a couple different models now, I know I haven’t been 100% happy with my ride yet. We’re at least tip-toeing along in the right direction now.

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    Winterstick never put out their split. At least as far as I can tell. Those protos we saw at splitfest are the only ones I’ve ever seen thats for sure. Rumor has it that WS is going under/for sale.

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    Nice to see some more….

    But Arbor also does P-tex sidewalls…

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    Prior also splits their ATV board, for a total of 4 in their line…

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    Smokin’ Snowboards has been using Ptex sidewalls for several years.

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    Do arbor or smokin’ make splits? I don’t really see those to often where I live. In my opinion, P-tex sidewalls are the only way to fly on splits or regular boards. Here in Colorado at least, where the snowpack is a little shallower than the west coast mnts. We hit rocks on a daily basis and i’ve bent and cracked many an edge in my day but the p-tex sidewall just bent with it instead of cracking. I have also repaired many boards with p-tex walls and found them much easier to repair.

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    I know Arbor dosn’t make splits, but I know of several homebuilt A-Frame/ S-Series boards. I Don’t think Jay is making splits at Smokin’, But I think his Backcountry board would make a nice Splitboard, it’s real similar to my Voile’ Mounain Gun 171.

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    @mtnrider wrote:,21214,1213011,00.html

    Venture Splitboards…

    Looks cool but they only go up to a 166!?!?!?!?!?!

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    Pics of the 163, maybe 164. From looking at their website, I think this is the Dominion board. Great ride. Nice looking (very important). Burton like shape, but more stable and a little stiffer flex.

    I wish this one was mine.

    with a 171 mtn. gun and 158 bc.

    I wish the ST was mine too. 😛 😀

    Shredgnar, Any word if any boards are on the market?

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    Not sure if they are on the market yet but I would think so. Iwill try to find out. They look sweet though huh? Unitys are pretty bomber boards too.

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    Yeah, I wouldn’t mind getting my hand on a Unity Board. They make some quality product. I’ve rode several of their solid decks and all of them have been blast. This years Dominion was a riot at the dealer demo days at Loveland. 22″ of fresh didn’t hurt the demo either…

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    They are really fun boards. I broke a dominion a few years back and they made a new board for me. I wanted something a little wider and a twin (cause it was later in the season and the park was the only fun thing left to ride then). I picked it up a few days later and was so happy. It was a really fun board! Their cust service was great. Hope I can get one of their splits to try out this winter. The owner comes into the bar I work at sometimes so I will ask him about availability next time I see him…….

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    Sent Unity an email yesterday to see if I could get some details and availability…’s his reply:

    “We made eight splits this year. Only two of our retailers order some. The Boarding Haus in Durango: 970-259-8182 and Habitat in Victor, ID 208-787-7669 Give them a call if you are interested.”

    Called ’em both up to save everyone some time.

    Boarding Haus has one 170cm wide available. Habitat has 1 164cm and 2 170cm wides available. It sounds like all of Unity’s splitz are made from the Pintail. Sorry didn’t ask on pricing but it sounds like they are around $1K fully furnished.

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