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    So seeing that I dont really ride this board and having a buddy board that never gets used isn’t really what i want to do I figured id put it out there for you guys.

    Board has about 10 days on it with some low tide love marks but nothing to bad(Ill try and post pics when I get home from work) It also comes with the k2 skins and all the voile hardware that you would need to use split board binding or get some slider tracks and bolt up you solid board bindings.

    all of this would be over $1,000 new and I will let it go for 550 (obo).

    Also if you want to get some of the safety gear I am also selling an air bag and would be willing to do both for $1,150. (Please note you should also have a beacon shovel and probe before heading out.)

    buyer pays shipping it is available for local pick up in the tahoe area.

    dog is not included in sale and I will add pics of the actual bag tomorrow

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    Board size?

    Adam West

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    Haha I read thru it a few times and know I was forgetting something but couldn’t figure it out its a 161

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    I’m interested in this board. I sent you a PM also. Thanks!

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    Hi my name is Erik. Really interested in your board. Just wondering if you could send me some more pictures. I live in Mammoth and I am willing to drive up to Tahoe to pick it up.

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    I’m considering buying this board, maybe end of this year, could you write up some impressions how the board handles, rides, tours? I would be very interested in some riding experience and opinions, because there is no review of this board with actual riding and touring impressions.


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    Sold to tarasf! Fade I only got out on this board for a few rides last season. I liked how the board floated but it felt a little dead to me at slow speeds once you got it up to speed it plowed through things pretty well. I toured on it with the kwicker system and was really uninspired by the boots. i am a big fan of the holes for the skin clips. Wish I had more of a review for you but its been a while since I got what little time I had on this board.

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