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    hmm, I don’t think your data from sandals to hiking boots is really hitting the range of effects with splitboard halves on each foot. I feel like I can fly when snow is dry and cold and my topsheets stay clean and it’s murder when I have 2-4 inches of adhesive damp pow on my skis. Everyone who I have put on a 5lb and change split has felt like they are flying and refuses to go back to a 7-8 lb board. They just refuse. When you are dragging logs with your feet it is much different than the difference between a lightweight sandal or shoe to a hiking boot.

    Obviously weight hurts everywhere, when I drop the pack for a lap or use my real light bag instead of avy bag with rope etc. I cover a lot more ground. I would never mount water bottles on my boards though, lol


    Found this thread very helpful so will try to contribute.

    Lightest shovel (245g) at the moment appears to be the ATK Carbon Shovel but the shaft is not detachable from the blade. Not sure how well a carbon blade would hold up in avalanche debris.

    The Jones Excavator Carbon is heavier (377g) but has a detachable shaft.

    Lightest probe I could find is the Arva Carbon 240 (120g). Seems like the 200cm probe has been discontinued.

    The Rab Zero G down jacket is heavier than the Montbell but also warmer and has a hood.

    There are many ultralight poles reviewed on There’s a table at the bottom of the article with  collapsed length for each pole.

    EDIT: tried to include links but doing so meant the site wouldn’t show the post. : (

Viewing 2 posts - 41 through 42 (of 42 total)
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