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    I took some old leather snowshoe bindings and rigged them up for tour mode using some zip-ties. Made four cuts in each leather binding and threaded the zip-ties through into a loop. The two ties end up being the same distance apart as the slider track, and the loop is just big enough to get the slider pin through.

    Performance was good enough that I will skin with this setup whenever possible. There was a bit of play between the boot and board, and edge hold was sacrificed. I thought it might be difficult to balance on just the touring bracket and heel lifter, but on the skin track it was no problem. On traverses, its easier to keep the skin on the snow, but almost impossible to get edge hold on ice. This also gave even less control on short downhill sections. The bindings go on and off quickly, so boot packing short sections is an option, plus having the strap bindings and plates as a backup.

    So far I have only done one 3000′ tour, but everything held up great. It was a moderatly difficult skin track with icy sections, short downhills, ridgeline switchbacks, and breaking trail in fresh powder. There was no damage to the touring bracket or boots, and I really noticed the weight savings. The thin leather strip under the zip-ties are probably the weak link, working on fixing this before it breaks. If you were looking for a stiffer interface to the board, and more durable construction, you could just mount the leather binding to an extra pair of slider tracks or use a thin plastic plate under the boot.

    This saves me 5 pounds total using Ride EX and Voile slider tracks, but with that weight in my pack. Here is a weight comparison in pounds for different setups, all in tour mode with no skins using a digital bathroom scale.

    16.0 = Prior 172 + snowshoe bindings + Malamutes
    20.0 = Prior 172 + Voile Mtn Plate + Dynafit TLTs
    21.0 = Prior 172 + Ride EX w/Slider Track + Malamutes

    17.5 = Dynastar 186cm x 69mm + Dynafit Comforts w/Brakes + Dynafit TLTs

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    Did you feel much point pressure from the climbing bar when wearing the Malamutes?

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    um, I risk sounding like a dic, but whats the point? your still packing the weight, infact your now packing more. sorry I see zero advantage, cool project though.

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    General adage about hiking, backpacking, etc… 1 pound on the foot feels like 5 in the pack. Our bodies carry weight more efficently on our backs. Strap 10 pounds to each foot and walk around for a while. Even though it is more gear, it may feel less tiring to carry it this way.

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    your binding and slidertrack is in your bag…. and the light wight leather binding is not stiff for climb ice mountins – i tkink so.


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    Five pounds off your feet and into the pack sounds like a good idea to me. Probably more comfy w/o the highback too.

    I have a similar set of new unused snowshoe bindings if anyone wants them. Free except for a cup of decent coffee if we ever meet. I’ll even cover shipping.


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    so does the lighter swing wieght make up for the lack of preformance (power transefer and control)?

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    I don’t want to sound like a dick either because I admire the innovation but IMHO, you can’t make up for power transfer and control. We splitters already are at a disadvantage when it comes to those two when compared to AT and tele.

    The Saddlebag traverse skintrack comes to mind as a scenerio where that system would scare me. It would literally be dangerous.

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    well, is it innovative or crazy …?
    and is it save in hard or icy conditions? I wouldn’t feel so!

    once someone called my burton SI setup w/ the strap to provide the binding from opening in walking mode “scary” … 😉

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    I think he mentioned that it wasn’t an ideal solution, and there was a definite sacrifice in control in less than ideal conditions… No argument there…

    The point of this is when the approach is straight forward, not dicey/icy/scary, you can save some significant effort with this, IF YOU WANT. It’s not designed to be a do all solution. And from what lookes to be less than a pound extra to cary around with you, why not?

    I like the idea, get’s ya thinking about other lightweight alternatives, etc… Will I do it? Doubtfull… Doens’t mean it’s useless or a waste of time or energy…

    So, thanks for sharing… Let us know how it holds up…

    Greg - NoKnees

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    Obviosly these will not work on sketchy traverses or ice, that’s why they make crampons. Different tools for different jobs. I am curious why everyone is so concerned with split boarding on ice. I prefer powder!

    For sketchy traverse sections, you still have your strap bindings on your pack, and can switch out easy. Or pick your tour mode before you start depending on your planned route.

    For big mountain lines or long tours, the weight savings are significant, and if the up track is simple enough well worth it. It does add a half pound to total setup, but cuts FIVE POUNDS off your feet. I still have doubts about durability, and have re-inforced the leather where the zip ties are.

    With all the posts about lightest weight stap bindings, etc. and a cost less than $25, I figured some people would be interested in experimenting.

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    Nice work AK Split! 🙂
    Sorry I’m late to the thread.

    I’ve experimented with a similar set up the year before last. I took an extra set of Voile slider tracks and mounted a Clicker attachment to them making a lightweight touring set-up. It resulted in about 1.5lbs off each foot and made for a very pleasurable skinning experience. The old saying stands true, “a pound off your feet is like five pounds off your backâ€Â

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    the dynafit mod rocks.

    i’m using it, and glad i set it up.

    i hit up my local ski shop for a pair of used dynafit toe pieces, and they sold me a pair for $50.

    look into it if you’re interested in riding hard boots/plates.

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    I’ve seen the light. I can really see the benefits of using the clicker and snowshoe mods on trips were your sloging in on relatively flat terrain to a basecamp. The weight off the foot would be huge. The inconvenience of having another thing to worry about during the transition and bindings in your backwould be minimized because you’d already have a big pack and wouldn’t have many, if any, conversions.

    dackdecents method seems the most bomber of all three mod (snowshoe, Clicker, and dynafit) but all are innovative and cool.

    I do have have to say that on every split trip I’ve been on (1.5 seasons, ~15-20 tours), the skin tracks usually had one or more section were edge control was super beneficial.

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