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    Just wanted to stop by here and say HI! It has been a while and probably will be again….

    So, so, many of you, I never got to say goodbye, but I miss you all.

    We sure did have some great times together, and I am truly grateful for everything….so much fun.

    MOST importantly we all stayed safe and lived to ride another day!

    I never ever thought I would go somewhere so far away from my beloved southern sierra, but here I am. I love it here now, and dont wanna go back, ever.

    I hope everyone is doing well and getting prepared for a record breaking winter.

    Its turning to summer here but not so summery-ish yet.

    ….paradise waits…. on the crest of a wave.

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    Ya Dave! Good to hear from you. Take care of yourself. D

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    Holy shiznit! i just got back on this summer after a few years of family stuff and an ocd MTB run…and you were one of the first peeps I noticed wasn’t posting anymore. I loved your TRs from the S Sierra they provided so much inspiration to get out/up there :thumbsup: where do you live now?!? Sounds like so hemisphere….. for surf! Good for you!!! :thatrocks:

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    Yo Dave!

    Glad to hear you are still out there living the surf life.

    I miss splitboarding with you. I hope your back is feeling good.

    Wish you much sunshine and happiness!


    Splitboarding is the answer unless Splitbooting is the answer, either way we're going snowboarding because America!

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    Fullers!!! What’s up bro? Hope you’re doing well. Give us a call next time you’re in California!!!

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    Hi Dave

    Gettin some waves? How bout pics? Will write soon. Been busy as hell

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    Yeah Dave!

    Thanks for stoping by. Things are good here. Hope all is well!

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