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    One reason I love visiting the folks in Bend OR for Thanksgiving, is that you’re pretty much guaranteed to have either good snowboarding conditions or good mountain biking conditions.

    And sometimes you get both. 🙂

    Epic splitboarding in the morning:

    … and epic DH shuttling in the afternoon! (that’s 11 bikes and 11 people in one truck – now that’s what I call a shuttle!)

    OK, I lied, there are 3 pictures. It also doesn’t hurt that I get some pretty awesome views of Shasta along the way!

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    hey!!! it’s my binder twins!!

    I set mine up the other way around, and made a dr. suessesque rhyme to help me remember during transitions. red foot right foot, black foot back foot. It wouldn’t work for you since you don’t ride goofy.
    way to pack the shuttle…

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    My, those are some big forks you have.

    When are the Lumerians gonna put a retractable, transparent dome over Shasta so we can ride it on windy days?

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    A good day is one that involves multi-sports!


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    Thats so awesome, And I love Bends Mtn biking too… How incredible… There BC is a lil tough access without some sled help though.

    I once Mtn biked up this trail in Juneau , Ak. Pack and board on our backs. It was 1996-97. We hiked all day in this big cirque. This was pre-SD days for me, and the orgins of my insanity. It was so amazing, riding all this beautiful Corn in LAte June, and at the end of the day, we came storming down the canyon on our bikes, packs, and boards. Straight to the Alaskan Hotel and BAr for a beer. Wish I had picks of that day .

    Thanks for sharing, and reminding me of old times. :thumpsup:

    Shasta is amazing huh! , can t wait to go back in JUne again…

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    So nice. 🙂

    I’ll get a few shasta pics after this storm system passes through. Nice work on the 2 sport exacta :headbang:

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