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    looks like they’ve closed the snowmobile trails in central NH. That makes a couple of nice easy slackcountry tours far more enjoyable.

    The first is the road up Mount Kearsarge from the Warner side. Use google map and find Kearsarge Mountain road in Warner. Follow it up to the gate for Rollins Stte park. The road has been groomed and packed by ‘bilers all winter. The best riding is the first mile or so up. Continuous downhill. After that its up and down some. @4 miles to the summit.

    The second is the old King Ridge Ski area in New London/Sutton. When the developers bought it they donated half the hill to the town of sutton. The town keeps the old slopes mowed.

    Google the intersection of Penacook and King Hill road in North Sutton, NH.
    The road ends at King hIll road and you start there. A half hour hike to the base of the slopes. The slope on the far left as you look up the hill is the steepest. Its the best ride and gets the least amount of ‘biler traffic.

    Haven’t been up this year but things look great form I-89.

    Ride On!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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