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    I have begun to really enjoy my parents timing of when I was given birth. It was as if Ullr was talking to them and said, your kid must shred pow on his birthday for eternity when I was conceieved. That being said, the past fews years I have tried to capitalize on the prime birthday of March 10th to put together fun snowboarding memories.

    A few years ago while in college this looked like massive powder days at Jay Peak on the east. Then after moving to Colorado it was a 9 day splitboard excursion in Summit County with Skatebananas.

    This year’s plans developed a little differently. I had originally planned to have a 4 day weekend. As my birthday approached on thursday and avalanche danger was subsiding, I texted washwood and said one thing. “Naked Lady”. His response was “I was thinking the same thing”.

    So on my birthday, we set off with the goal of tagging a line that since driving into Durango from Molas and talking to Bones get Broke (he did it a few years ago), I’ve wanted to get into. His beta on the line helped a bunch getting into it, and I must give props to the master.

    From the parking lot. Nikon’s new die cut improved riding 3x 😉

    Andrews lake xc area is a maze. The only way to describe the approach was “awkward”. Here we get a good look at her from afar.

    Ahh, it feels nice to get back into the alpine. Washwood making the final push to the base of the couloir.

    Washwood is an animal. His birthday present to me was putting in the bootpack the entire couloir, and then letting me have firsts. SHWING!

    This is going to be fun… Topped out. Washwood kept going and pushed out the top sketchy section. I’m sure the view was nice, but I didn’t want anything to do with it, after dropping my glove down from 3/4 the way up and it didn’t stop the whole way. He has some rock climbing skills that he put on showcase the past few days.

    Washwood riding the chute. Snow was variable, but good in sections.

    Little party pow run.

    Yeah, we tagged you Naked Lady.

    Then that following night, after a few pints and rising ambition levels with washwood and skatebananas, the term “winter camping” came up. I had never winter camped, but said, why not?

    After a late start the next day, we packed up a sled and headed up Ophir Pass, with the goal of riding V5 the next day.

    Here, we set up tent with our objective looking at us as the sun sets.

    The next morning it was up to V5. Skatebananas and Washwood pushing up the approach.

    Washwood, a man with a mission.

    Alpine skintracks in bluebird don’t get old.

    Time for the final push before booting.

    Time to go up.

    The best part about silverton, is getting to the top of a line, and finding 4 more for another day.

    Washwood wasn’t satisfied, and went for the summit. Billy goat man.

    Such a sexy couloir to be standing on.

    What we came for, the down.

    Washwood’s tracks


    To end the weekend, it was some grilling and beers after some noboarding on Sunday.

    Thanks San Juans for letting me tackle two couloirs on my hitlist for my birthday, you didn’t dissapoint. And thanks for taking it easy on me on my 25th.

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    Nice! Great lines. Rode the Iron Horse bike race a few years back and staring at that Naked Lady kept me sane during the climb up Molas pass. Been meaning to get back there ever since.

    Well done.

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    what a kick ass birthday celebration! i got to ride on my august birthday for the first time last year and it was without a doubt the best bday ever!

    those look like some pretty sweet lines, too. what was up with the top of the naked lady line… too rocky?

    sneeky jesus
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    hey whered you go to school back east? jay was my go to mountain when i was at uvm.

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    @bs. – Naked Lady was pretty crap rock at the top. I am not much of a billy goater, so I let washwood get up there. He was struggling, so I said, yeah I’m good.

    @sneeky – Me and Skatebananas grew up in Milton, I went to college at UMass. Grew up riding Smuggs and then in college rode Jay more because my grampa has a cabin in Montgomery. Good training grounds there. If you can ride ice, you can ride anything.

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    Yeah birthday!


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    Nicely Done. Bluebird skies, first winter camp out and a twofer on the couloirs. happy Birthday to you

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    Nice TR and Happy Birthday! Looking forward to seeing you guys in April.

    wasatch surf
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    nice lines, such cool terrain out there. Not a bad way to celebrate, beats hanging out at the local chuckee cheese.

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    Good Stuff.

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    I didn’t hear nothing about a boifday doobie! Sup man… I thought you were Vermonsters knew how mandatory birthday doobies are?

    Looks like a freeking good day.

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    Technically it was a Birthday Weekend. No way both of these lines could be shredded in one day, unless you had a snomobile. Maybe next year…
    @wasatch surf wrote:

    beats hanging out at the local chuckee cheese.

    If only Silverton had a Chuckee, my birthday would of been complete! 😆

    Thanks all for the bday Wishes. We just got another dump, winters holding on! :headbang:

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