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    Has anyone been using the Garmont Masterlites for a long season yet? I was looking at them as possibilities for my hard boot setup this year but a ski tech friend of mine told me that there might be a durability issue with those boots if they’re used by a boarder.
    He said he’s had to fix and/or replace the bar on the back of the boot that clicks it into walk mode because it’s aluminum. He went on to explain how skiers are mostly leaning into the front of these boots and sometimes experience this problem, but with a boarder cranking against the back of the boot it’s more likely to break and hard to prevent. I guess if you were riding with both feet pointed real forwards like you might not be cranking against the back, but I’ll probably have my back foot at 0 degrees or so and so I might.

    So has anyone tried them out for a long season or so? Have they lasted? And were they good boots?

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    Your friend is spot on.
    Only 6 days on mine and the walk mechanism on both boots is broken.
    I’ve tried to get in touch with Garmont with no luck.
    Next boot for me is the BD quadrant.

    Adam West

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    Boo-urns. To look on the bright side, at least the decision of what boots I’m gonna get this year just became one boot easier.

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