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    5.04 – 5.05.11

    This TR is brought to you by:

    This is the pic I saw on Summitpost that had me by the gills. Hard to find such a cool line where you can ride right off the top of a major peak too. For those of you who prefer chasing round numbers over aesthetics then you probably won’t be interested as it’s only 13,947. You can now stop reading and exit to 14’ 😉

    But first…
    If any of you keep up on fullers2oh TR’s you know he’s been up here twice. He is a sadistic individual. Saying there is a trail would be misleading. There’s basically just a “way”. That “way” involves 5 creek crossings (Dave says 4 but I think he’s forgetting one) and you’ll be lucky if you do them all correctly…if there is a correct way. Only 1 of them is easy and a couple others wouldn’t be too bad if it wasn’t for overhanging branches making it twice as difficult trying to keep your feet dry with a snowboard sticking up in the air on top of your 50lb pack. Then there’s your abundance of white thorn, brambles, thickets, talus, rotten snow, fallen logs, and your varied assortment of stickery flora. Besides this it’s a very beautiful, wild place. Part of the reason I wanted to do this trip was to check it out even though I knew it would involve suffering. Trailhead is 6400 feet.

    This place has a prehistoric feel to it. Big ass oak trees for the east side!

    First snow I came across on the “trail”. I wouldn’t see much more for a while:

    Black bear running down the creek. He didn’t even notice me. Tried to get better pic but memory card became full:

    Key spot I learned on the return you’re supposed to go high. I didn’t:

    Camp! 9800ft:

    I broke through a thin snow bridge to have my own fresh water cave for camp:

    After settling into camp and eating some lunch after my 6 hour slog I decided to go for a mellow afternoon run. Williamson’s south face:

    There was this nice big bowl up by Mt Barnard that was screaming my name. Only about 2500 feet from camp but good snow all the way.

    Top of run. Perfect corn.

    Cinco de Mayo!

    Trojan and Williamson:

    Bottom of chute was a tad manky/chundery and already pretty soft. Once past this part the conditions progressively got better the higher I went. The booting conditions were fantastic and at times I was able to get my Ueli Steck on. Conditions were a mix of corn/porn and nice and smooth. Solid 200 vert above where this pic was taken. Lookin’ sweeeet!!! :bananas:

    Views did not suck: My camp is down there somewhere and my car is waaaaay down there:

    There was no pen in the register but there was a condom.

    The upper snowfield is just under 400 feet at about 30 degrees. You strap in right on the summit and it feels like you’re riding toward the edge of the abyss to the couloir entrance. The couloir is about 40 degrees for 1400 feet itself. Everything was nice and soft on this day which made for some great turns. Big GS turns were the call.


    Such an awesome day. I highly recommend this line, but just as a reminder:


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    Nice B, looks like you kept the suffering to a minimum and scored big time!

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    Nice work – looks like a sweet line and nice solo trip! Some cool photos too!

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    damn, sweet solo trip man.

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    Totally awesome. :drool: :bananas: :doobie: :guinness: :rock: :headbang: :thumpsup:

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    :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:

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    Nice work man :thumpsup: Such a cool remote spot.

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    Black bear running down the creek. He didn’t even notice me. Tried to get better pic but memory card became full:

    I hate when crap like that happens. Usually for me it’s the battery dying. :banghead:

    Mad props Brooks, you’ve been really getting after it this season. :clap:

    wasatch surf
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    beauty. looks desolate. heading down to the sierra’s next week and my stoke level is high after seeing this.

    Rico in AZ
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    hey wasatch surf, don’t forget your fishing gear. grab a day (or a week) license, and hit up the owens river below pleasant valley resevoir. it’s a tailwater, so it won’t be running high like every other piece of water around the eastside. it’s right outside of bishop.

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    sweet! now i almost wish that i’d joined you instead of going to pinnacles to climb in the 90 degree heat!

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    :disco: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Brooks! :bananas:

    So so glad to see you got up there and scored this one from the top. Such a treat, and to ride it in good conditions, amazing eh?

    It looks like everything came together nicely for you in terms of weather and conditions.

    You got some really great photos of that zone up there and the views from the top are really inspiring, also cool bear shot.

    So you up for a return trip next year? 🙄 😉 Williamson circumnavigation? :mrgreen:

    p.s. that summit post pic is great motivation, whoever posted that up there gets a pat on the back and big thanks!

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