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    Matt Wood
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    Someone is interested in me splitting one. After researching the technology I think it would work but maybe tour a little freaky. Anybody have some input / experience?

    Kahti Ryan
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    Hi Matt,
    I split a Bataleon and used it for 4 months in Iceland. I don’t have much experience touring with other boards but it felt fine to me. My mate was having more problems with slipping on traverses on his Icelantic Gemini (both of us with 32 TM2 boots and Spark bindings, although he is heavier than me, if that makes a difference).

    Riding was pretty horrible, but more to do with the fact it was a full camber, tight-ish radius sidecut board than anything else. I also find the TBT to be quite washy and don’t find it offers any real riding advantage unless your hitting rails/landing spins. But if the person already likes the way the board rides, then it should make a fine split.

    Matt Wood
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    Thanks for the input! I will pass it on.

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    I use a whitegold Shaka for a splitboard. It is a “split ready” 3BT solid board that I cut in half before it even touched snow. As for touring it works well. Sometimes a little slippery on hard sidehill skin tracks but the camber makes for good snow contact when breaking trail.

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    Nice thread resurrection. Thanks for posting your beta.

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