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    Just getting the Voile 178ST ready to ride. I’m noticing that the skins are wider than they need to be in the mid part of the ski. Do I just want to trim them with the enclosed tool so they are slightly narrower than the ski?

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    you got it

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    take the backing off and place the skin on the ski. Line up the skin with straight edge of the ski but offset the skin inside the ski a tiny bit more than the width of the metal edge. Then only cut the curved side of the skin as you run the razor down the edge of the board. When you reset the skin down the center of the ski it should come close to/or to the inside of the metal edges.


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    use a real razor blade. the voile thing works, but the real blade seems to work better, and you can be a bit more precise.

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    Isn’t the Voile tool just a letter opener? 🙂

    I haven’t tried using it yet as my skins are a perfect fit but I was thinking it wouldn’t be very sturdy for cutting the skins.

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    if you want the best traction…cut them so the least amount of edge and base is showing

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    Remove the paper, install the skins on the appropriate board halves making sure that they are bubble free and laying naturally and not tweaked to one side or the other. Make sure the base is completely covered under foot, and then run the trim tool down the edges of the plank. As BCR stated, you’ll get max traction with no metal exposed. It might seem strange, but even edging on firm or icy steeps with wall to wall carpet is noticeably grippier than using an exposed metal edge.

    Also with the 178ST you might consider not trimming the skins in the Swallowtail area. This will leave you with about a 1” exposed triangle of skin that makes for a nice pull tab for quick removal. After that tenaciuos glue mellows for a season or so you can trim off the triangle pull tab ’cause removing the skins will then be easier with a not so bomber adhesive.

    Nice board, enjoy it!!! 8)

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    I stand corrected. 😳

    I guess I read somewhere (a forum post) that you wanted just the edges exposed. Oh well.

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