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    This being my first season on a split, I haven’t spent much time in the Blackcomb backcountry – basically limited to the ob stuff around crystal and 7th. So when a couple skier friends asked if I wanted to go on a mission to rip the hourglass on Tremor, I said I was in without hesitation.

    Then I watched this video.

    I figured I was in for, at best, a pants shitting… and I’m talking about being on that ridgeline, nevermind dropping the hourglass itself (named for the open face – choke – apron shape of the line).

    I went along with it and, suffice to say, it was well worth the 11 hour, 17k, 1600m round trip.

    Some photographical stoke:

    #skinning! I skin here, I skin there… does that make me bi-skinning?

    Skinning up the Trorey Glacier

    The objective: the west face of Tremor Mountain, aka “The Hourglass”

    Gaining Tremor, the highest point in the Spearhead Range:

    The view from the top is unsurpassed (note the 2 skiers bottom left in the 1st photo for scale):

    Scoping our line from the top. Nowhere near as sketch as I thought:

    Tim sending the choke, in the manner of a boss:

    Late afternoon return to the resort. Epic skinning!

    The line itself was way mellower than I expected and I was actually able to enjoy the ride down… steep, but no sharks, slabs, or mandatory airs to get that pucker going. Rounded out the day with the NW face of Pattison and Decker fingers on the return home. A day I won’t forget anytime soon…

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    nice work.

    great photos. Looks like some big terrain up there.

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    yup amazing photos and nice work getting that one done. thanks for posting.

    yeah one thing i noticed is things always look worse when viewed straight on. someone taught us a funny trick to tilt your head and look at it, if it still looks steep then time to pucker. otherwise it is usually all good. have hiked with a few folks who get worked up on the approach to something only to have them totall calm down when hiking the line or on top. well thats all for now over n out. happy splitting and please bless us with more pnw stoke, ok?

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    Good stuff. The alpine in the PNW is gorgeous.

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    :bananas: Very nice. I want. :bananas:

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    beautiful pics!

    did you see Kevin Bacon up there?

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    Nice work, that’s a big line out there. Pretty long day to ski all that too

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