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    Hallo everyone,
    I just arrived in Vancouver a week ago on my journey through British Columbia. I have three month to travel this beautiful country and I hope I have a lot of opportunities to get into the mountains and make some great powder turns.Today I bought my companion for the next – hopeflully years – a Prior Khyber 😀
    I will start my trip in Revelstoke this Monday. Than I want to travel around the powder Highway (Golden, Banff, Fernie, Nelson, Vernon) (about 6 weeks) before I hit back to Vancouver and maybe travel around Vancouver Island. Before I leave in the end of March I thought about hitting up to Prince George, Smither, Prince Rupert and mybe to Whitehorse. But my plans depend on the people I meet and I can write with and I think that they gone change a lot 😉
    I am traveling alone and I would be happy to meet some people alonge the way and to go on some tracks with them. I am new to splitboarding but I have over 15 years of Snowboard experience and good backcoutry riding skills as well as some avalanche experience and education trough I also do high altiude tours. But because I think the snowconditions here are a lot different to what I know in germany I also wanna do a AST course, unfortunately I didn´t finde a spot in one yet.
    So if you would like to join me on my trip or have time to show me some tracks in your region I would be more than happy to get in contact and share some splitboarding and culture.
    Oh and by the way, I´m writing about my journey on a blog, where I also want to prompte Splitboarding in germany because most people switch back to skies when they wanna hit the backcountry.
    Greetz Julian

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    anybody around Revelstoke wanna go to Rogers Pass the next days, Wednesday, Thoursday or Friday? The snow may be not the best, but I think it’s worth going out there just for the view 😀 and the avalanche situation is quite okay right now. So if you hook up for a trip, just give me a text 604 505 3409

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    Let me know before/if you come to the island. Ill let you know the snow sotuation here right now itsbone of the worst snow years I have ever seen.

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    Whatcha up to on Saturday? I’m in Veron and could use a Rogers Pass adventure for the day.

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    I have a avi 2 course this and next weekend in Canmore and I would love to ride the area between the weekends. Is anyone up in the Canmore/Banff area there 24. -28.?
    I did one tour there a little over a week ago and the mountains really cought me.
    PM me up if you are up for some tours.
    PS the weather forecast looks not too bad ether

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