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    Just wondering what y’all are up to in terms of winter training. For some reason I’ve been on an exercise kick recently, but it’s mostly consisted of trail running.

    Just yesterday I went on a 15 mi run up to hyalite peak, and while the cardio workout was good my knees are still feelin it today. I almost think it would be better to weight my backpack and go hiking rather than running, as it would emphasize muscles more frequently used for skinning or booting. Then again, running is quicker and gives me more time to devote to other commitments (school?). Thoughts?

    I’m telling myself this year that I WILL be in shape once winter rolls around, but time will tell if my motivation persists. I’ve always been tired on my first tour of the season, but maybe this year will be different.

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    IMO, mtn. biking is the best compliment to bc boarding. Legs and lungs and easy on the body. And you get the downhill adrenaline rush to boot. I enjoy trail running but have to limit myself because of the leg abuse. Hiking is cool but just a tad to slow for me.

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    Those first few tours of the seaon tire me out even if I have been doing some training. Generally, I come into the seaon in decent shape from all the rockclimbing and hiking to rockclimb that I do. The thing is that I don’t do that sport at the same altitude as the splitboarding. I’ve just come to accept that the first few outings are going to kick my ass. The good thing is that it only takes two or three days and I am usually fine.

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    hopefully nomad, we get some early dumps and can boot pack up sacajawea and get some early turns. that would help get ya in shape. are you working out at MSU. i’m trying to set up a scheldule to work out there and need partners. lots of plyometrics and stuff. let me know if you are interested.

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    Do 12oz curls count? 😆

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    i’m more into the growler curl from Bozone!! that is about the best in Bozeman!!!

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    @lifelinksplit wrote:

    Do 12oz curls count? 😆

    yeah, that is a good start but I think you should work your way up…ya know

    Pint, 24 oz., 40 oz….it’s always good to start off small and work your way up.
    Keep us informed on your progress. 😆

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    12ozer’s for sure.

    hiking when i have the time. currently: no time

    Those first few tours of the seaon tire me out even if I have been doing some training.

    end of story.

    snowshoe until better coverage persists should definately do the trick.
    that’s my backup plan to the 12oz workout. once the season is arollin it
    all seems to come together, regardless. don’t stress it, i’d hate to lose a
    good partner. 😳 😆

    oh, and raise funds to buy the time i need when it counts. 😉

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    running is great, but it’s high impact. the bike is low impact and you can sustain it for longer periods of time. oh, and you get a downhill after the climbing if your mt. biking. a lot of the xc runners from the local university will switch to the bike for a certain amount of time to allow their bodies to recover from impact/running injuries and yet not loose their cardio in the recovery process. also remember that recovery is one of the most important things while training. this doesn’t mean you have to take a day off but go really mellow one or two days a week. taking time off/recovery is the hardest part for me. i like the everyday hiking/biking, but it will take you out if your not careful. good luck

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    I run. Im too lazy to go to the Gym so I take advantage of my 30 minute lunch break to do a four mile loop every day I work. ( usually five). This running thing started about five years ago and really had more to do with my surfing. As I got older I could not catch the amount of waves I wanted because of all the little kids with their windmill arms . The advantage is Im in shape for whatever. But, this still doesnt match training at altitude. s soon as someone comes up with a gym that simulates high altitude Iwill join

    affix snow
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    I RUN on the ELIPTICAL at my gym….try to do at least 5 miles or 45 minutes…whatever comes 1st. There is no impact which i like and i can oogle the spandex on the treadmills in front of me 😈

    Ill also ride the stationary sometimes….but prefer a real bike.

    My biggest issue this year is sheading the bit of extra baggage i picked up drinking beer this summer…..

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    Oh yeah, forgot to mention , part of my run( about 1/2 mile) is up a steep paved road. I like to pace myself against bikers climbing up . So far there are only two that can beat me up the hill running and they both have to stand on the pedals to do it. So, my vote for Physical training is a lot of uphill running.

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    Yeah – hill & trail running is rad.

    You just have to watch out for the downhill because that’s what wrecks the legs. I look for steep ascents and gentle descents. I time myself going up, but shut the watch off on the way down to keep from going too hard because I have a problem with being too enthusiastic…

    Also lot’s o’ recovery is a good thing. I’ve been doing a big hill run (10 – 15 miles, 2000′ vert) every other week with 6 or 7 shorter and flatter runs in between. I’ve been very happy with my fitness level and I’ve been in a good, injury-free groove. Oh yeah – no hard surfaces! Never on concrete and never downhill on anything but dirt!

    Even so, when I loaded my backpack this Summer I had plenty of wind, but my legs still hurt like hell going up that first hill… There’s really no substitute for the real thing.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Hike this bad boy. You’ll get into shape really fast, and you’ll realize that you’re out of shape real fast.

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    road biking and running. can’t stand to put the mtn bike on the car and drive. agree running can be brutal, but it’s so simple.

    no matter how fit i’ve been, gravity sure seems awfully active that first trip (or 4) of the year.

    wondering if anyone (flatlanders unite) has ever seen/used a small air intake device, you keep in your mouth while exercising to replicate (the joy) of working out at elevation. $20, or so.

    i think i should combine LikeLink and PJ’s workouts 8)

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    @powderjunkie wrote:

    Hike this bad boy. You’ll get into shape really fast, and you’ll realize that you’re out of shape real fast.

    What’s with all the switchbacks? 🙄 😈

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    @powderjunkie wrote:

    Hike this bad boy. You’ll get into shape really fast, and you’ll realize that you’re out of shape real fast.

    What’s with all the switchbacks? 🙄 😈

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    Digdug, I have seen this device but they cost a little more. The “walkers” model is 60 bucks and the “pro” model is about 90 bucks. It puts resistance against your lungs and a serious runner friend of mine swears by it. He says it is just like running ( not on your legs of course) on your lungs. Although you wont build up leg strenght you can really add to you lung capacity. That means a bigger “HIT”

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    Last season I hiked this small mtn 2x/week pre-season which is only 5700′ to the top – but 1600′ vert from my front door. Would wear 5 lb ankle weights & later backpack w/weight to mimic BC. Helped a ton last season vs. 1st season. Lots of deer, turkeys, grouse, & other wildlife that helps the trip be unboring. So far this year – damn – I better start something soon. Snowed last night!! : 😆 😀

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    While running is hard on the body, it gets results much faster. I can get a better work out running up hills for an hour then I do on my bike riding for three.

    I prefer to work out in blocks of three days and rest for two. I don’t follow any specific plans, just to get out alot and keep things interesting. I find that 2 week breaks of doing nothing every few months keeps things from growing stale.

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