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    The following pics are from a few jaunts into the bc the past month or so in the Mammoth area…

    Smoking Fat Bob making a turn in the sticky stuff on way down to M. San Joaquin River

    Snow Nymph backside below Hemlock Ridge

    Snow Nymph Mammoth bc

    Anthony Skinning up (McGee Area) with Dude and Baily

    Mini-Morrison, Mt. Morrison, Baily and Anthony

    Bodhi skinning up with Dude (Mt Morrison in Background)

    Dude getting some and lovin it.

    Dude’s Snow Balls…I think he actually enjoyed having something dangle down there again (still pissed at my wife for getting him fixed while I was away on a trip)

    Dude found a headrest on my splitboard…outcold

    Baily chillin

    Dude, done for the day. So were we.


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    Excellent pics, Dogs really are the best BC partners around.

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    Dogs never talk back, never complain, always tough out soreness and injuries, always make you smile…great to have around in or out of the bc.

    Wish I could be more like a dog, eh?


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    You need to come around this place more often. Believe it or not, there’s actually a forum here just for Trip Reports! 😉

    Oh, so I guess the riding shots from that day out by the airport didn’t come out too well eh? 🙁

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    Yeah, I saw the other forum after I posted these…next time. As far as TR’s, they are not much anyway.

    Not many pictures from our Mammoth Area stuff that were much good…still, I have a cd with all of the pics for you next time we meet.

    Good luck with the Palisades this w/e…WTP and I are doing some stuff in the San Bernies.


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    man…the morrisons looks so sick!

    thanks for sharing. 8)

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    Bcr…damn, that was fast! Thanks for moving these over…

    We are going to be hitting some Peaks around Morrison next w/e (Apr 15-17) if you or anyone else wants to join us…Then on Sunday (17th) doing Mt. Dana and the Dana Plateau…


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