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    Great to meet everyone. Huge thanks to Voile and Spark R&D for sponsoring (and all the others!). Also thanks alot for putting this together Wyo, Im sure it takes a ton of effort. :thatrocks:

    Great pics guys, here are some of mine:

    2 ocean on thursday


    GTNP on Saturday


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    great pics here are just a few more…

    tex at the pass fri

    storn at the pass fri

    where is the carpool lane? traffic jam on albright ridge

    buffy dropping off the top of albright

    still very stoked thanks again wysplit and sponsors – good to meet everyone see ya next year!

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    Great shots, John and Forrest.


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    love this shot.

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    I did a quick edit of a bunch of my Scrubfest video footage. Check it out:



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    ^^^ bump for samh’s cool vid and HikeforTurn’s pic of Wyosplit_ride on the cover,

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    John, I seem to remember a particular sweet sequence you took… I think Will got it too.

    SamH, I’m glad me destroying that poor little tree was in that video of yours..

    Jaramie, thanks again.. See you in the summer perhaps..

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    Bummer that I missed out. Looks like that snow was DEEEP! Like the cliff hucks. I Also liked the footage of the tiny cabin full of testosterone…that’s what its all about! :thatrocks:

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    More Pics

    Saturday Morning – Camp Freemont

    Teton Crew



    There was a bit of hucking

    Leo my Hero. He came back in the summer and recovered my poles :headbang:

    2nd splitter coming over

    Some skier action to mix it up


    The after party party

    Wysplit always likes to finish up at Dornan’s -A nice bar on the snake river with a view of the teton’s

    The view from the barstool ^^^^^^^

    The Party:

    Wysplit passes out the goods

    KINGPINE wins a set of SRARKS


    Dave skinning up Two Oceans with Dishpan hands

    Two Oceans transition team


    Coal Creek , Wyoming Backcountry

    On Monday we met a couple from Revelstoke looking for powder. We told them to follow us

    Dave exits Coal Creek again

    Dave after five days of skinning , bootpacking and 1200 miles of driving

    What a trip. Thanks Wysplit for putting on another great get together

    See Ya next year

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    @TEX wrote:

    …Dishpan hands

    Oh SNAP!


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    Hey Scrubs,
    Finally got around to putting up some pics on my blog, here ya go:

    So much fun! We’ll be there next year.

    Anybody want a Subaru that needs an engine? Turned out the timing belt went on the Subi, it’s chillin’ in Dubois. Thanks for letting us drive your car back to the Bozone John!

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