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    Post up your photos, Youtube links, trip reports from Scrubfest 2009.


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    Just a few from my small camera, didn’t feel the need to take that many with so many other people shooting..

    That was alot of fun, it was nice meeting ya’ll!

    A nice bluebird day on the pass…


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    Day two, a real bluebird day. I decided I’d take approach photos and let everyone else take photos on the way down..

    What a great day, thanks Jeramie!

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    Here’s a few pics from the bluebird Two Oceans session on Saturday. Thanks to all, especially Jeramie for putting everything together and Will for his contribution to the best raffle ever!! I’ll make sure to post a TR rocking my new bindings!

    Initial climb up the ridge

    Jacob ascending for round 2

    Jacob descending for round 2



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    I’ll get some up later this week. Thanks a ton for putting this on again, I had a great time. I’m glad I have such luck with the scrubraffles too, the jacket was perfect for the top of french spy bowl yesterday!


    Hey crew, thanks for coming out. I would like to give a huge shout out to our sponsors:, Voile, Spark R & D,, Leeward Cinema, Blacksmith Productions, Mountain Pinnacle Properties, and BombSnow, and to our local buddies, the Fremont County Crew, for helping out in the mountains. I am not sure which was better, seeing smiles from SICK pow shots or smiles from the sweet schwag at the raffle? It was like Christmas time in all departments.

    Most of all, thanks to all the SCRUBS :headbang: who came out to represent from all parts of the States. It was amazing riding with so many great people and rippers. We have a strong tribe. Enjoy feeding frenzy photos in all types of conditions.

    JohnParker at Sandbox Rocks:

    PerryJewett checks it out:

    LeBro getting his pow on:

    Parker’s powjib:

    Day 2 splitboard invasion at the trailhead. Bluebird was a nice welcoming after epic weather the day before:

    Buffy, SteveP, and unknown in Les Tetons:

    Beautiful views of the Grand Teton:


    Will Ritter getting his surf on:

    Look at all that vertical still to go. Will checking out a feature:

    Perry J. carving one for Mikey P.:

    The crew back at the A Frame for movies, beers, bs’ing, raffle, and having a good time after a such good riding:

    Who does this guy think he is, Maynard G. Krebs?

    Day 3-Had a great tour with Dave and TEX on Togwotee. Thanks so much for your help in the A-Frame. I really appreciate it!

    Tex entering the windblown rock garden:

    Dave finding some fresh leftovers after Sink Couloir:

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    more more :thatrocks:

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    Very Nice Jeremie! Sorry we all ditched you guys to clean up the place, that wasn’t very considerate.

    Here’s my inebriated night shot of the A-Frame:

    And another more inebriated version:

    And one more of Will:

    Lots more to come when I get this pesky thesis defense out of the way

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    Looks like another great time at ScrubFest. Bummed I missed it.

    Some great pics from the collective too. :thatrocks:

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    Next year, BCrider. Of course there’s the other split festivals to attend this year as well.


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    such a great time! thanks to wysplit for putting this on and anyone else who helped out with details. you are a great host! i definitely gained a new level of respect for WY terrain and folks from that area.

    will be back next year for sure.

    i have pix but waaaay to wiped to bother with them just now. thanks for the pics and stoke!

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    Very nice photos John, that snow looks amazing.

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    @jparker wrote:

    Lots more to come when I get this pesky thesis defense out of the way

    Coincidentally, my defense is in 2 hours. How did yours go?

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    I love this Party.

    Wysplit always puts together a first class event with splitters, ATer’s and Teleheads. All over the country they come(well at least from the west and North)
    I finally talked a few friends into making the long ride out. Because of drive time and different schedules we couldnt make Togwootee Pass by 9am friday so converged on Teton pas for some bootpack splitting

    But first, breakfast. When you find yourself hungry in Jackson facing a big day theres only one place to eat

    The crew at D.O.G. waiting for those magic Burritos

    The californians ( minus Steve P.)

    Buffy on the Pass , a Long way from Tahoe

    JimW Shreds the tetons

    Storn Surfing the Pass

    Buffy takes on Coal Creek

    Hut Scenes

    Dave on the exit track

    Results as seen in the faces

    And Buffy with Her new MONK ™ split Ride , word is it rides epic!!!!

    more to come………………………………………………………………………………………………

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    @kjkrow wrote:

    Coincidentally, my defense is in 2 hours. How did yours go?

    That’s funny. Mine went well, how about yours?

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    @jparker wrote:

    @kjkrow wrote:

    Coincidentally, my defense is in 2 hours. How did yours go?

    That’s funny. Mine went well, how about yours?

    Went well enough, have to look back at a few things, do a bit more analysis, and get the final drafts submitted in the next week or so.

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    Such kickass looking times :drool:
    Really cool pic – this one

    Among so many :bananas:

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