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    Hey gang…this is the spot to add all of your Scrub Fest photos. I will be posting a few soon, but don’t wait for me. Had a great time this weekend. A big thanks to VOILE (loved the new Mojos that DJ brought),, Thrillhead Creations, Shred Ready, Loki, Lifelink, sawatchsplitter for the BBQ sauce/Salsa, and MS Backcountry Riding Club.

    Scrubs getting ready to schralp Two Ocean:

    Skinning up…notice Unruly Baker’s stick in his helmet…wanted to take a little of Wyoming with him:

    BCrider nearing the top with grins:

    DR. KoKo skinnin’ it up:

    BCrider finding the white room right out of the gates:

    Salt Lake crew happy to find the goods:

    BCrider getting ready for a Wyoming face shot:

    DJ Barney glad he brought the Voile Swallowtail today:

    Looking back at his line with stoke!

    How low can you go?

    Unruly Baker finds Jah’s glory:

    First run of the first day dancing with dragons. Set off an avalanche that went pretty big on a rollover. No one hurt or burried but kept us on our toes the rest of the weekend. The next day another one was set off and partially burried two of the crew.

    Day two:
    A huge gang of scrubs infiltrated the Tetons in masses. Took up the whole parking lot and had the locals cussing us…big enough mountains for all though.

    Nomad rips up Albright Peak in the Tetons.

    Was great to reunite with the scrubs. Truly enjoyed meeting new peeps and hangin’ out in the mountains. Thank you all who showed up. Killa.

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    So far…this TR sux 😉

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    Can’t contribute a pic since I never took my camera out….I was just having too much fun riding 😳 . Amazing weekend & phenomenal riding with great people all around! I’d 2nd the thanks to all the sponsors – that was icing for everything else that was so great about this weekend – & WSR – you deserve all the props in the world for all your efforts.

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    pics from the WKS crew… more @


    STE & Alex:

    Boner City:

    TGR JONG sled trainer:

    Movie and Give away:

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    Stoked! 😀

    It looks like you guys had a great time.

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    @Wyomingsplit_ride wrote:

    Day two:
    A huge gang of scrubs infiltrated the Tetons in masses. Took up the whole parking lot and had the locals cussing us…big enough mountains for all though.

    classic, locals are the same everywhere! more pics anyone? 😯

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    Thanks a ton WSR!!! 8)

    Scrubfest will be a yearly event for me from now on. I may even have to make it up there several times each winter from now on.

    I didn’t take any pictures, but I carried my GPS most tours.

    Here is the data from the Albright Peak tour which was the highlight for me.

    The route:

    The vert profile: 😯

    I’m sure Dr.Koko will add his photos, and our tele friend Erik has a few too I’ll try to get up here.

    Keep the pics coming y’all!

    It was a great time, hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.



    Kevin from the South Dakota Crew emailed these photos that he took. Good stuff.

    Ridgeriders on top of Wimpies:

    Al checks it out:

    Kevin enjoying the goodness:

    The calm before the storm:

    Leo gets waste deep in dragons (avalanche ripped on approach):

    Sanfrantastico in the gut and a bit shaken. We definitely had some spooky pockets of snow. Just read about the 5 and 5 theory. We have received five feet of snow with five inches of water, which apparently is a magic number for avi cycles in these parts:

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    Sweet, good stuff here. Finally got to see some pics of the slide we all heard about, glad everybody is ok on that one. Keep the pics comin ya’ll! I’ll try to get mine up soon…might have to relegate those duties to splitfire. Stay tuned.

    This event was cool as hell! I had a blast shreddin that Wyo Cowboy Powder and meeting everyone. Props to all those who came from all over-The California crew, the Montana Posse that was representing, S. Dakota, Arizona, the Utards and the CO folks(props for the salsa and sauce!)! Thanks to everyone who came by “The Cabin” as well! And UB for footin the bill(and the techy tour specs), the Sponsors and most of all Wyo and BCrider for making it happen!

    It was a kick ass core festival and I too plan on making this a yearly pilgrimage. Great lines, great place, lots of laughs and cool scrubs. Word.

    Artic-Cat for life, Bitches!!!

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    Thanks, Wysplit for putting together a really fun event and thanks to all the sponsors for supporting it. It was great meeting everyone in person. I just wish I could have had the chance to ride with more people!

    The avy was small for an avalanche, but a hell of a big thing to be underneath. I’ll do a separate writeup on it sometime for those who are interested.

    Here’s a close-up of the crown in the clearing where the slope first started sliding. I think you can see a piece of our skin track in the hangfire in the trees to the left of the clearing. I didn’t measure anything but my guess is that the crown was maybe four feet deep and it ran for maybe 150 yards to the left of this picture:

    and the runout:

    The road to hell was paved with good intentions…

    p420 kept talking about something called ‘cold smoke.’

    Some big tetons:

    Cheating a little on Teton pass…

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Sweet! Looks like a great weekend. Keep the stoke coming!

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    HELL YEAH!!!

    Looks like it was a lot of fun. Always fun dancing with dragons, eh. 😯 😉 Good to see everyone was OK.

    Some great photos so far.

    I’m bummed I missed out. At least Tahoe got some goods (understatement), so it doesn’t hurt too bad.

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    Were you guys on Angle Mtn. on the East side? If you were I’m sorry we didn’t warn you about what we heard on Friday. I’m guessing you guys triggered what we heard callapse underneath us.

    Glad you guys were okay in the end!

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    Nice pics!!!

    Glad everyone was ok after the slide.

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    Cool pics all!

    I’m looking forward to adding some of mine soon too.

    Had a great time riding and meeting everyone! 8)

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    Hi JH_A,

    I believe we were dropping North shots off of Angle mountain, moving East along the main ridge as the 11 of us tracked each shot. (Someone correct me if I’ve got that wrong.) We did hear Whumps prior to the slide, along with other warnings, so I’m not sure if a warning from you would have helped us. Groupthink. 😳

    If you know me, you know I have plenty o’ pictures. I’ll post more later in a different thread to keep this a place for Scrubfest stoke. I know I’m not the only one that got some of the best powder rides of his life on the trip.

    For the record, there were five of us on the slope that ripped. Two were able to hang on to trees. P420 and I both went completely under the snow, but ended up on the surface. Leo took the longest ride, although I can’t remember whether he was on the surface or down below during the ride. He ended up buried to his armpits. Amazingly, the only injury was to Leo’s pulled hamstring and he was able to climb off the mountain okay. I hope it isn’t serious and heals fast.

    Thanks everyone for the +vibes and great weekend.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Had a Great Trip. Thanks again Wysplit. Another off the hook time in wyoming. Thanks to Ellis of Thrillhead for the movie and for giving me the poles he won. The slide took mine

    Left San Diego after work . This was my parting shot as I hauled ass for wyoming

    This is what my drive looked like…..for miles and miles

    Hit Sin City around 10 pm

    Spent the night in St George Utah. Got woken up by a concrete truck at 6 am. really wanted to sleep longer but got up and hit the road.
    Finally see some snow

    made salt lake by noon and had time to kill. I had to pick up San Frantastico at the Salt lake airport at 5 pm. did a little shopping here

    Then i went by REI and rented some AT boots. Im expirementing with different set ups and wanted to rent before I buy. After that I cruised uo litte cottonwood canyon to look around. I saw some tracks across from Alta on a nice little slope and decided to go for a solo tour. I put on the gear and called San Frantastico and told him i would be a little late.
    Skinned up till I had to turn aroud

    Didnt take long to hit the parking lot. The snow was crusty and hard. But it felt good to get some turns in and test the AT boots. Everything was working out excellent so far.
    Tracks going down

    Drove out the canyon to the airport to pick up Vanilla Ice

    We hit 15 north and put the hammer down. made it to the Hole by midnight. On the way in we phoned CTowels to ask what he had planned for friday. He said to meet him at Teton Pass at 9 am and promised we wouldnt be dissapointed. We crashed with visions of cold smoke turns in our heads.
    Next morning we started our boot up glory

    Me and Ctowels

    San Frantastico and Mr. Towels all smiles

    We made it to the Hut in no time ( no time if you ask Johnny Slowskin)

    Views from the inside

    We went back out to saddle up

    I was diggin my plastic rental boots

    San Frantastico gets ready to sample the Teton Blower

    Then it was Mr. Towels turn to slay

    He hit this nice double ledge huck but my camera operation was a little slow

    We hit the powder all the way down to the road. We got a “locals response” on the conditions

    San Frantastico waits for the Teton Shuttle

    To Be Continued

    Rico in AZ
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    Glad to hear no one was hurt too bad. Big groups + groupthink = bad juju. Friday kicked ass, got some great turns on West Angle, I can verify the major whumps JH Alpenglow heard. After getting a little intoxicated around the fire I went back to my lame hotel in Dubois, and around 3:00am woke up with a full blown sinus infection. Stayed in bed until they forced me out, Scrubest effectively cancelled for me. So, I drive miserably to Beaver, Utah and crash in another cheap motel. Sunday morning, all medicated on pseudoephedrine, I run back into the mountains east of Beaver and tour for a couple great runs in the Tushar Mtn’s. Was great to meet you all, see you next year!

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    Great time in Wyoming! This was a great festival, gonna be an annual one for sure! Thank you to Wyomingsplit_ride for organizing and making some great T-shirts, Karma for letting me take out one of the MOJOs, BCrider for his stoke, UB, EZ, and the THC crew, and the rest of the scrubs for all the +++vibes. A big finger to the Togwotee slednecks, see you fuckers next year!

    Here are some pics…
    Morning Doobie.

    Midway up 2 Oceans

    Gaining the ridge

    Tall tales by the fire

    scrubs tackling Albright

    Nomad and WyoSplit-Ride’s lines…They were moving too fast for me to get the camera!!

    End of the day, Albright Peak (correct me if i’m wrong) to the far left

    What an incredible playground…

    It was great hanging out and meeting everyone! Till next time!

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    I need to make this next year…..

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