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    We should have bought a lottery ticket on Saturday! Luck was on our side. My buddy Martin and I planned on heading up to Dry Gulch on Saturday at 5am. Martin picks me up and CDOT is still saying I-70 is closed from Golden to Vail. We decided to take HW6 through Golden to 40 to I-70 below Idaho Springs and be that much closer when they finally open I-70. We make it to I-70 and there’s nothing telling us to stop. Maybe they’ll stop us at Idaho Springs? No. Us and a handful of other cars we’ve seen have free access up I-70. We get to the Dry Gulch TH at 6:45am and it’s empty with knee deep snow. So we plow in with the jeep. Later heard that CDOT blocked access via our route just after we went through. Lucky us!
    Martin applying skins

    Martin busting trail

    Yeah, it was deep!

    We decided with the high avy danger on the steeper slopes we’d stick to the meadow skipping on the south face of Mount Trelease.
    Martin getting some.

    We lapped our skin track and got 5 great runs in.
    The Damage. We were the only ones there all day.

    Martin’s video footage of me

    Heading back home at 4pm I-70 was just wet. However Floyd Hill area was socked in fog. Almost died at the multi-car pile up, but we were able to swerve through everything. Showed up right after 15-20 cars were mangled in the fog. Got home to see that I-70 was closed due to the accident. Luckily we made it through. Awesome day!


    That snow looks retarded :thumpsup:

    Nice job on sticking to the low aspect lines, not always easy to make the safe choice when things are so good.

    Glad you guys got some, Cali is pretty much summertime right now.

    Dangerous E

    Way to get after it and not let CDOT scare you out of farming some turns. Well done. :thumpsup:


    Nice April pow, can’t beat that!


    powder is cool. :mrgreen:

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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