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    Last weekend, GirlRider and I met up with one of our avalanche course instructors, Glenn, and his wife Edith, for 3 days of exploration in the San Gorgonio wilderness. I received the pictures on CD from them today so all pictures posted are courtesy of Glenn and Edith.

    After meeting up with Glenn & Edith Friday morning at the Mill Creek Ranger station, we headed up to the South Fork Trailhead. Their friend Terry decided to join us for the day only. Friday we encountered partly cloudy skies which turned cloudy and eventually started snowing on Friday afternoon into Friday night. Saturday dawned sunny, but by the afternoon, the next storm had blown in and we encountered white out conditions on the summit. Sunday was bluebird but ended up being very windy on the ridges. The area received about 3-4″ inches of snow throughout the weekend.

    Friday: South Fork Trailhead: Glenn, Edith, Terry, GirlRider, SFB, and Bailey

    Friday: GR and SFB crossing the first avy debris path.

    Friday: Stream crossing.

    Friday: We set up camp just above Dry Lake. It had been snowing for about an hour by the time we reached Dry Lake.

    Saturday: Edith ascending the gully looker’s left of the North San G bowl

    Saturday: GR, SFB, Bailey ascending the ridge above the gully. The snow was firm so we opted to use crampons instead of skinning.

    Saturday: After summiting, we dropped the second gully looker’s left of the North SG . It wasn’t as steep as the first gully but the windward side had some nice windlblown. The gully we hiked was mostly hardpack and boilerplate. Edith dropping in.

    Saturday: SFB

    Saturday: Bailey was smiling the whole trip.

    Saturday: GirlRider

    Saturday: Glenn exiting the trees

    Saturday: GirlRider

    Sunday morning, we broke down our camp, packed up, and headed up from Dry Lake with the intent of dropping our gear closer to our exit then doing a few laps.

    Sunday: Glenn heading up to the North San G bowl

    Sunday: SFB and GR skinning with full packs.

    Sunday: Can you guess Edith’s favorite color?

    Sunday: We spent some time doing a few laps in the trees along the north ridge of the bowl then started heading out around 3 on Sunday.

    Sunday: We traversed around towards Jepson and under Charlton Peak. This is the west face of the north ridge on San G

    Sunday: Jepson peak and the bowl between jepson and San G on the left

    Sunday: The exit terrain under Charlton was rolling and quite a pain. The poles helped out quite a bit.

    Sunday: Glenn and Edith back at the wilderness boundary sign.

    Sunday: Can you tell we didn’t apply enough sunblock?

    Sunday: And finally, back at the trailhead just before dark.

    Overall, a fun (and tiring) trip! Good times hanging out with Glenn and Edith. I can’t wait to get back up there this weekend with Bodhi, wtp, DutchMarc and a few others to explore some lines off Jepson Peak.


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    Nice TR…looks like I’m missing out. Bailey’s smile pic is the best. He looked like he was living it up!

    😯 Reminder to self: wear sunblock and re-apply often. 😯

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    That was a great TR looks like you had a good trip.

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    Impressive terrain. Having mostly just seen pics of Baldy, it looks like the San G’s has some great lines.

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