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    Kyle Miller
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    Before you read this let it be known this TR is way too long with way to many pictures


    The North Cascades are some of the most rugged terrain in the lower 48.
    Everything seemed to line up perfectly with the highway opening Friday at 8:00 am to a forecast of blue skies. Well it wasn’t 8:00 am it was 8:00pm and even worse the forecast for Saturday was calling for rain but Sunday and Monday were looking to promising. With the hopes of sunny skies plans changed to head into the North Cascades Saturday night and bag Black Peak on Sunday and Silverstar on Monday.

    Friday April 24th

    To take advantage of the forecast on Friday I met up with Amar, Christy and Jason to tackle some lower elevated peaks in the Snoqualmie area. Our agenda was Red mountains west face.

    Jason doing a teleturn off the summit of Red with Snoqualmie Mountain in the background

    Amar skiing down into the Commonwealth Basin

    Christy skiing with The Tooth and Cave ridge in the background

    It was still early in the day so we climbed over to Lundin Peak
    Jason skinning with our lines off red in the background

    It turned out to be a great day to take advantage of Blue sky and Corn skiing

    Sunday April 26th

    Our first objective in the North Cascades was Black Peaks southern face which had a skiable line from near the Summit (8970).

    Black Peaks South Face
    photo by John Scurlock

    Our starting point was at the Rainy pass parking lot were we skinned up to Heather Pass.

    Joe skinning up to Lake Ann

    Looking at our Objective in the middle from Heather Pass

    It’s going to be a long traverse

    Sick lines to be had on the Lewis Glacier

    Looking North deeper into the Range

    After a long traverse finally skinning up the base of Black Peak

    We had to skin up to the Col to gain access to the South side

    Traversing the ridge to gain the south side

    Damn rotten snow (notice the landing spot for North Cascades Heli in the background)

    Switching over to Crampons and Ice axe to climb up the South Side

    Joe hiking up with Last Chance peak in the Background

    The last stretch before the summit.

    Joe standing on top of Black Peak minus 30 ft of Rock scramble

    Looking down the NW face

    Looking back at the ascent with Heather Pass in the distance and Corneo to the right

    Mt Goode to the SW

    Looking down our ski line

    I dropped in first

    Then Joe

    After dropping the chute we hiked back to the Col and dropped back into the east facing basin

    Instead of traversing all the way back we decided to drop all the way down to the road

    After speaking with a local about the crappy conditions at Silverstar we decided to tackle another peak within the Rainy Pass area the next day.
    Monday April 27th
    Looking towards Frisco Mountain and the Lyall Glacier

    Looking south at our objective a peak of Frisco Mountains south Ridge from Maple pass

    Joe skinning the ridge with Corteo to the left and Black Peak to the right

    Frisco Mountain

    Dropping the first run to access the Lyall Glacier

    Back to skinning to access Friscos Col with Whistler Mountain and Cutthroat peak in the background

    Nearing the top with a massive headwall in the background

    We skinned to the Col on the left and decided we would ski the peak on our decent back to the car

    Looking back at the headwall from the Col

    Looking down into Maple creek with Mt Benzarino in the foreground and Goode in the distance

    Our objective was the peak to the left and ski the fall line in the middle of the ridge

    We got a quick 1000 vert run to access the next col

    Then switched over to Crampons and Ice axes to access the peak

    Looking East towards Mcgregor Mountain on the Right and Bowen to the Left

    Boot packing with Stilleto Peak in the distance

    Gaining the summit with Corteo in the background

    Looking south Deep into Glacier Peak wilderness from the summit

    From the summit we rode the ridge north back into the Maple creek basin

    Getting ready to drop off the ridge

    After a sick 1000 vert line we had to skin back up to the East col
    Joe skinning with our ski line in the background

    Once we got up to the col we decided to hike up to the sub peak we had seen earlier (back to crampons and Ice axe)

    One last look before our 3,000 vert lines back to the road with Frisco proper in the background

    Our line down to Rainy Lake

    Right before Rainy Lake there is a cliffed out cirque so we had to do a nasty traverse

    Looking back from Rainy Lake at the Cirque and Frisco Peak

    Frisco Mountain

    I love the North Cascades

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    Holy Shit! :drool:

    I may have dreamed about this place before.

    great TR, love all the pics

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    Man, this TR is way too long, and way too SICK. My ass is kicked just looking at the pics.
    I saw your slushy looking crew walking back from Red Mt. on Friday. Nice work. Were there alot of folks up for the highway opening?

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    BRAVO…way to get after it :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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    Kyle Miller
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    @Hyakbc wrote:

    Were there alot of folks up for the highway opening?

    I think we saw a total of 5 people the whole time.

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    fuck! fuck! wtf!?

    radness!!!! :rock: :bananas: :bow:

    i’m ready to jump in car for a couple weeks! The Sierra are in a lull

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    REALLY great stuff Kyle!!! :thatrocks:

    Would love to see some of Jason’s (unemployed) pics too!

    Kyle Miller
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    @bcrider wrote:

    Would love to see some of Jason’s (unemployed) pics too!

    I would too but im sure we will see some in the future. 😉

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