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    Me and my partner in crime headed up to the Timberline parking lot on 4/18 on a bluebird sky day to burn off some beer and carve some turns. Skinning up was fine until above the palmer, the snow became really icy from freeze/thaw action, from there I had to boot it but my partner was still able to skin. Perhaops I should look into getting some new skins. I am still using the original Burton ones my board came with six years ago. Perhaps some crampons too, since I made the conversion from the old Burton interface to a Voile interface, I ran out of money to get the crampons…

    Look like I was the one my partner was trying to catch up with, since usually it’s me that drags ass…(Camera is fully zoomed in)

    Made our way up to just below the hot rocks on the west side of Crater Rock. Dropped in there, and the sun had warmed the snow well enough for some really nice turns.

    My partner catching up…

    Illumination saddle makes a great meetup spot.

    The best part was that we where back at the parking lot for a beer by 1pm. We missed the hoardes skinning up the hill and passed a lot of people ripping skins on the way down. Did not see any other splitters though (except for us) the entire day…


    Sweet – it’s getting to be that time of year and this spring’s pack looks good. The recent warm weather should help stabilize the pack when we get back to the freeze thaw cycle. Nice report and photos, and beer by 1:00 is a good thing :guinness:


    I’m glad I found this TR. I might find myself in Portland during the weekday grind of May 11-15. Could chance find you on another Mt. Hood mission during that time?


    Aww jeez… I am a working stiff… So is my partner….

    I will probably be up there on weekends though (as long as the weather is in check) so if you are up for a few extra days, I would love to show you around the upper slopes, and some really nice lines.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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