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    Partners: The Lander Crew

    A week after the epic and mystical Mount Moran/Skillet Glacier trip, it was time to go into the backcountry in style. Long slogs and carrying mondo gear during the winter and spring had definitely strengthened the muscles, but we were now into the dog days of summer when the livin’ is supposed to be easy.

    Earlier in the spring, Shad, one of my ski partners, had approached me about making a journey into a place called Leg Lake in the Wind River Mountains located in our backyard. Shad is also a senior guide for Lander Llamas, had traveled extensively in the Winds, and is my buddy. Free porters with four legs. What a way to spend a weekend in the Wind Rivers. No animals where hurt or injured during the making of this trip report.

    Wysplit_ride and Shad packin’ up the llamas and happy WE are not carrying all that gear:

    Really…the gear is not as heavy as the Llama would like to pretend:

    Headin’ down the trail:

    Shad on creek crossing. The llamas had to stay at camp due to the deep snow. So we put on our packs and earned it. Leg Lake Couloir is in the background enclosed by all that rock:

    Leg Lake Cirque and Couloir. This is our route:

    Leg Lake Couloir in the background. Happy to have bluebird skies and toilet paper:

    The Lander Crew with the couloir in the backdrop. All business:

    My friend Stacey is a NOL’s instructor. Hence, the sickter sticker. Trust Me…


    Skinnin’ up towards the couloir:

    Leg Lake couloir and split:

    Even with an early start, the sun started hitting the couloir. The day before, in the afternoon, we scoped the couloir and climbed half of it to see what the snow conditions were doing. The snow was firm the day before. Temperatures rose quickly on the ascent day.

    ¾’s of the way up the couloir, the snow started mushing out due to the heat. In this photo my friend is near the top of the route. Every step he took started sloughing wet snow. This photo was taken right before the whole couloir avalanched. Luckily, we were able to scoot looker’s left to safety. It was amazing to see that much snow rip past us. It sounded and looked like a river. True wet avalanche power.

    Nice view in couloir:

    Ski partna Matt letting it all hang out after the slide:

    Wyomingsplit_ride nears the bottom throwing a cutback.

    Word! Looking back on it all.


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    affix snow
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    Was that recent or a delayed TR?


    @affix snow wrote:


    Was that recent or a delayed TR?

    Thanks. Both the Skillet Glacier and Leg Lake Couloir were ridden in early June, just a week apart.

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    That’s the life!!

    AF, Now we’ve got plans 😀 WY June, SA August!

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