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    After a 3 day trip up to San Gorgonio two weekends ago, I decided to jump in on Bodhi’s permit this weekend and head back to area with him, wtp, Dutch MArcOS, KB, my dog Bailey and Bodhi’s dog Dude for some turns off San G’s neighbor, Jepson Peak. What Jepson lacks in elevation (it rises to 11,205′ while San G rises to 11,490′), it more than makes up for in sweet lines. All along Jepson’s ridge are sweet line after line after line…

    Anyhow, pictures speak more than words so here ya go:

    Saturday: standard “scenic view” shot except you can’t really see San G back there.

    Saturday: The first avy path that crosses the trail.

    Saturday: Crossing the avy debris off Charlton Peak.

    Saturday: Dutch Marc skinning up

    Saturday: Another avy path off Charlton Peak

    Saturday: After setting up camp, we headed out for a late afternoon run on the North face of Jepson. Our original plan was ot hit one of the bowls lookers left in the photo but it started getting late and we ended up descending the face straight ahead (just above us in the picture). This ended up being the nightmare descent of the trip. One by one, we descended, made 1 or two turns at the top, then proceeded to lose an edge and butt slide on this icy 40 degree slope. I think wtp and I butt slid the furtherst, sliding at least 400 feet, if not further, on our asses. It was sketchy too because after sliding 30′ or so, there was so much ice being kicked up that our goggles were covered and we were basically sliding w/o visibility. After that little adventure, we regrouped at the bottom and had a fun run down the avy path back to camp. It was also on this face that Dude cut up the pads on his feet pretty bad. Bad enough for Bodhi to take him out first thing the next morning.

    Saturday: Dutch Marc shows his skinning steeze. While the rest of us opted to put the crampons on and boot, Marc skinned up as far as he could, but finally put his crampons on about 3/4 of the way up.

    Saturday: Pack at camp and checking out Sunday’s destination: the east face of Jepson Peak.

    Sunday: Kelly (booting), Marc and Joe, heading up out of the trees and up to the heart of Jepson.

    Sunday: My dog Bailey with the west ridge of San G on the left.

    Sunday: Eyeing our line. We wanted to drop the gullie just under the cornice.

    Sunday: After skinning as far as we could, we booted the last 400 or so feet to the ridge. Marc (top), Joe, Bailey.

    Sunday: Joe and Kelly booting up the ridge to the summit

    Sunday: Looking toward the west ridge of San Gorgonio

    Sunday: Looking toward the North face of Jepson

    Sunday: Kelly, Marc, and Bailey nearing the summit.

    Sunday: Looking down our line (pictures don’t do it justice)

    Sunday: Kelly, stoked to be on the summit (and with more sick lines off in the distance as well).

    Sunday: The north ridge of Jepson. I think that’s Mt. Baldy way off on the horizon

    Sunday: It was a little breezy on the summit ridge

    Sunday: Another sick line off Jepson.

    Sunday: Kelly, wtp, and Marc

    Sunday: Kelly gets first dibs and drops in.

    Sunday: Kelly

    Sunday: Kelly

    Sunday: Kelly releases a wet slide

    Sunday: The slide ran about 250 – 300 yards

    Sunday: I dropped in second and was a bit conservative after watching the slide run. I stopped on the hump lookers right in the slide picture and stopped to snap some pictures. The snow was like butter, nice and creamy, a tad slushy, but just really niiiiiiiiiiiiiice 😀

    Sunday: Marc staying out of the slide path

    Sunday: Marc

    Sunday: Bailey, lovin every minute of it

    Sunday: Big smile! Proof that dogs love snow 😀

    Sunday: Not wanting to cross any existing tracks, wtp drops the gully rider’s left our the gully the rest of us dropped

    Sunday: wtp

    Sunday: wtp, out of the trees and heading back to camp

    Sunday: Looking back at our tracks from camp with the avy debris visible just left of center.

    Well……after that, what more can I say? It was cooling finally meeting Dutch Marc and wtp’s friend Kelly. Good hooking up with wtp again for another trip. We were bummed that Dude was injured and that Bodhi bailed out to take care of his pup missed out on our Sunday turns, but after all was said and done, we dedicated our turns to Dude in hopes of a speedy recovery.

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    Nice TR SFB!
    Way to get after it! 🙂

    How far of a drive are these mountains from LaLA Land?
    How far is the approach from the trailhead?

    This pic is really cool too.

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    @bcrider wrote:

    Nice TR SFB!
    Way to get after it! 🙂

    How far of a drive are these mountains from LaLA Land?
    How far is the approach from the trailhead?

    Thanks bcr! It’s about 2 hours +/- depending on where in LA you’re driving from.

    I’ll have to look at the map, but I think it’s about 9 miles from the trailhead to the summit of Jepson. We hit snow after about 3 hours (4 miles) of hiking then skinned for another 2 hours to get to camp.

    It’s too bad we don’t always have winters like this because I could really get used to these short drives 🙂

    The rest of the photos are up on Webshots.

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    Killer photos SFB. I only wish we’d had all week to play up there!

    Hopefully Bodhi’s got some shots of the slides for life we took on Saturday. I can’t wait to see those “faceshots”… 😯

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    Early Morning View of San Gregornio from Poop-Out Hill

    Group on the trail SFB-WTP-Kelly-Marc (Bailey & Dude)

    San G. Wilderness

    Skinning up (Lil’ Charlton and Charlton Peaks on right)

    Marc checking out San G.

    First Clear View of our goal: Jepson Peak

    Trees in foreground=base camp

    View West-face Jepson

    Dude looking pathetic to score some Jerky

    Base Camp

    View of Jepson from my tent

    Jepson Bowls (West)

    The Ascent route for Sat

    more below…


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    Booting up last part

    WTP poses for Mommy’s B-Day…

    Getting ready to drop (San Bernardino Mtn in Backdrop)

    Line of Choice (note the spot at bottom is Dude’s Backpack)



    WTP straight down (a bit of a hard surface)

    Dude following my track

    Down to Camp, for everyone but me…I had to hike back up and retrieve Dude’s pack which came off on the way down the top chute…bummer.

    Tender foot…I am an evil owner making him do this.

    Dude, Shadows, Lines

    Our Lines…Green was me, Red was WTP, Blue was everyone else (more or less)…

    Dude as soon as we got home…

    Great trip…returning within the next couple weeks to do some obvious lines (seen in the photos)…sweet spot. Just have my regret of having to leave early on Sunday…gotta go back.


    Dutch MArC_OS
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    Hey Guys, great work on TR. love the pics & posts. Awesome weekend. Had great Fun hanging with you guys. Let do it again soon. Will mail info & pics from my cam later.

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    Great photo of your pooch. Nice terrain too.

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    A slightly interesting pair of articles on the area made the front page of a local newspaper today. An interesting perspective on how “normal” people see avalanche/snow danger, if nothing else.

    Deep Woods display Violence of Nature

    Standing at Nature’s Mercy

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