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    TR: Jackson Hole Backcountry
    October 22, 2006
    It was just another beautiful day on the divide. We found much better conditions on some shaded northern aspects. We are not getting the snow that Colorado is, but our season is well underway. Today was another beautiful day in the mountains with some fresh crisp air to clear the head and mind.

    Today’s objective with a little alpenglow and bluebird:

    Radio Tower starting to fill in:

    What a fantastic day to be in the backcountry. I cannot imagine having to wait for the lifts to open;

    Blue skies, buddies to break a skin track, and cold smoke:

    Mount Moran is filling in and looking majestic as usual:

    Topped out with views in all directions:

    Wysplit cornice testing:

    Will sampling some nice, cold and dry:

    Matt “the Infernoâ€Â

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    I love lookin at the landscape up there. Good pictures

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    Heckuva 2 days back>back. How ya feelin today? Thanks WSR!

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    Thanks for the stoke!

    Planning a trip to Jackson later in the season and these pics have got me drooling!

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    @lewmt wrote:

    Heckuva 2 days back>back. How ya feelin today?!

    Feeling great lewmt! My mind is clear again. My legs feel even better. I have been working hard getting ready for this season. If anything, I could have used a couple more laps of that goodness, but had obligations.

    Rico in AZ
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    Awesome! Totally awesome! –Jeff Spicoli

    Damn, I knew you were gonna come up with the best early season TR’s.

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    Dang I cant see the pics. Whats up with that? Only thing I can report is I played hookie from work and did a solo boat surf trip. 3-5 feet out of the southwest with an occasional 6. 4 guys out at Dolphins including me. Surfed 2.5 hours. Tired as hell today

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    I did a hot solo session at my new home this weekend screwing together IKEA furniture. 25+ hours in the groove. You suck. Yes, all of you suck.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Nice pics brah. Once again you have opened the door. Let the show begin

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    @sanfrantastico wrote:

    I did a hot solo session at my new home this weekend screwing together IKEA furniture.

    So you blew off breadbox’s BBQ to put together furniture? I see how it is. 🙂

    Sorry for the hijack. No wait, what am I thinking?? I’m not sorry! I plan on hijacking every TR until it actually stops looking like summer here in CA! 👿

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    Lame, huh? 😳

    Actually, the moving van arrived on the 8th and piled mountains of stuff into our new place. My wife thinks I may have too much gear. At 3AM on the 13th I left the house in total shambles and headed to Mexico for a 5-day surf trip, an act for which my beautiful and loving wife gave me zero grief. However is was clear that I would have to do some serious work over the weekend to restore the karmic balances. We filled the truck at IKEA after work on Friday and again on Saturday morning. I put in 25 hours with a brief break to go running on Saturday and meet up with PowderJunkie. I finished at 5PM Sunday. Out of the shower at 5:30. Sound asleep at 6. 😥 Next time…

    And now back to our regularly scheduled program…


    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    SO JEALOUS!!! :thatrocks:

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    Looks like its watchout for shrub season…SWEET! Those dawn colors are awesome. I love how snow captures the lightshow! So green with envy here too.

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