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    Took the Billy Goat split up to Illumination Rock for a quickie afternoon tour after riding at Timberline today. There was actually a little bit of powder on Magic Mile from Monday`s storm and it was pretty decent riding. They didn’t run Palmer so I skinned up from the top of Mile. Up high, conditions got a little sketchy on any steeper aspects but overall it was a great day and the views were gorgeous. A climber had fallen down Old Chute earlier in the day and PMR was up there getting him off of the mountain. They brought him down on the snow cat about a half hour after I got back to the lodge. Sounds like he had pretty bad broken leg from what I got from one of the rescuers but he`s going to be okay thankfully.

    All in all, a great work out, great views and some decent riding. Will be splitting Mt. St. Helens on Friday!

    christoph benells
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    Good to see you posting here again snowolf!

    You remember meeting me up on the hogs back a couple of years ago?

    Tear it up on st. Helens

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    Yes I remember you but I did not know you were you….if you get my meaning. That was a great day too. Will post a TR of St Helens. My biggest concern is the heat. I was at Meadows today for employee ski day and by noon it was intense heat.

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