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    Hi all, my first post in this forum although I ve been lurking for sometime.

    I just got my first splitboard and this is the TR from the first time using it. 🙂
    We have been talking with some friends to do it once spring arrives but its not something I would like to hike with the board on my back all the way. Fuji is the highest pick in Japan standing @ 3766 m and although this time of year roads take you up to 2300 m there is still 1500 m vert to the top on a constant 25/30 deg gradient. The hike is not very challenging since you are hiking a cone almost completely covered with snow above 2000 m till the end of April but the air gets thiner as you get closer to the top. I have to admit this is the first time I hiked that high and felt that I cant recover fast when taking breaks because I cant get enough oxygen.

    Our trip started early in the morning May Day on the Tokyo highway. Fuji is about 100 km away from the center of the city.

    We made it there at sunrise

    and after the ceremonial pick, before I start using the split for the first time, we stared skinning up.

    It took us about 7 1/2 hours to reach the summit with lots of breaks on the way. We were tempted but eventually did not ski into the crater.

    instead we decided to ski down towards the sea of clouds.

    Unfortunately I don’t have many picks skiing/snowboarding down (this time) so this TR ends as an mostly scenic pics TR. The snow conditions changed a lot on the way down. The first 400 m were the kingdom of ice, followed by the best corn I have harvested this season so far till 2500 m and heavier snow for the last few hundred meters.

    I have to thank my skinning partners Dan and Matt for the pics and their patience on my first day skinning. They are pretty nice lads for skiers. 😛

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    Mount Fuji!!! That’s sweet!
    I didn’t even think they allowed people to ride that for some reason, lol.
    Nice job guys and welcome to the forum.
    Good to know there are splitboarders in Japan. If I ever plan to vacation there I might be bringing extra luggage 😀

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    Sweet! Thanks for the TR & welcome to the site.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Nice post!!

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    Very Nice

    Cool to see anaother TR from Japan. We used to have a regular poster here from your area

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    Its not something people usually do during the winter although quite a few people hike it during the spring for skiing. There were at least 3 more groups hiking up with us that day.

    Stability is a major issue on Fuji, this is a map of some of the avies that happened last year. When things start moving up there they move for km’s.

    message from the “Fuji patrol” 😀

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    That is cool – greetings to JP from the PNW volcanoes.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures

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    Good stuff…we used to see a lot of japan splitboarding stuff from montoya.

    Welcome to the site and thanks for sharing! 🙂

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    Nice! What kind of board is that?

    I love this one… (I want to print up a bunch of these and hang them all around Tioga pass this weekend)

    @tsondaboy wrote:

    message from the “Fuji patrol” 😀

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    The board is a custom made 167 Prior swallowtail split, I ve designed the topsheet myself.

    Needless to say, it costs more than my car.

    I hope I will be posting more TR’s in the future. 🙂

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