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    @bones get broke wrote:

    Just so you know, hft, adimmen and I discussed and evaluated a bunch of lines until we could all three agree on what would go the safest, while still maximizing the fun coefficient.

    I’m sure you guys know what you doing. just like i’m sure my friends are either using short weather windows to cover ground or they are hunkered down shredding pow lines inbetween session of spooning in the tent. (think trains planes and automobiles, “those arnt pillows”). :drinks: :thatrocks:


    Sick stuff boyz!

    So many good pics, lovin’ this one.


    Bump for a sick TR and HFT (by bones get broke) on the cover,


    I believe some of those pics are from Bear Mtn off of South Mineral Rd, the views from up there are amazing. We skied that earlier this year. Sulton has alot of good lines from that view point. Did you guys hit Chattanooga cooley on the U-turn off of Red. Digging pits around here is quite intertaining now uh, hopefully those storms are over and done with.

    kings run east

    man I miss colorado… great work guys. epic TR. :thatrocks:

Viewing 5 posts - 21 through 25 (of 25 total)
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