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    Friday 11/30 – Left the camera in the car thinking it would be a whiteout all day. John, John and I skinned up to the patrol warming shack where we proceeded to drink some while we waited for a break in the weather. Little wind and 12 degrees said the instruments. Well being the patient person I am, we decided to drop Green Valley vis or no vis. Like always, rocky for first 40ft so it was best to point it. Worked our way towards West Face where the trees provided some perspective and 2ft of blower. On our way up the clouds parted and let there be graybird. Proceeded to take a few more laps, working around the bowl. On the way out we gingerly curved down Iceberg Gulch. Not bad for day one.

    Saturday 12/1 – Brought my camera this time.

    So glad to see the sun…

    Slashing some pow in the trees. Btw where’d the sun go?

    Who cares…


    Powder mines all over the place I tell ya…

    This is the last time I stop in the middle of my dream to take pictures…

    Our skier contingent…

    Tomtom, which way do I go…

    Confusing use of time…

    Calm before the storm…

    Time to move on, too tracked out for my taste…

    Sunday 12/2 – It was stupid deep. Breaking trail in knee —> thigh —> waist deep snow that was slowing warming = ridiculous. Hour after hour pasted. Progress thwarted by gentle winds averaging 40mph with not so gentle gusts every few minutes between 60-70mph. We stopped 20ft shy of the summit in some trees. When the perfect set came, I paddled and paddled then sank. After a brief archeological dig, I found my knees, my feet and my board. After catching my breath, I paddled and paddled again. This time I was able to stay afloat for some dreamy, bottomless turns for 1500ft. I couldn’t help but notice the settling all around me. 25 degree’ish slopes = wrinkles in the snow. 30 degree’ish = fractures. Plans of doing another lap = flushed.

    Cornices on my car…

    Where’d your car go?


    Nice job getting on it before the weather turned to crap.


    jaysooz, u musta got out of there right in the nick of time

    any of you PNW’ers head out to hurricane ridge area? whats the access like? me knoweth of a special little place to warm the feet after a day around that region, but never been over there.


    Time was of the essence this weekend in the PNW. Unfortunately I was only able to get out on Saturday. Toured into Silverbasin with the rest of the non lift riders it seemed. Busy in there for sure. Loom and another TAYer joined me. I led a random ass skin track to the right from top of Qsilver, for the solidarity, that was nice, but likely bit into our lap count for the day. Snow was still bomber solid on Saturday, but change was in the air after lunch. Winds came up and snow got pretty serious as noted by Snosluts car photo (how long to dig out of that one?). E, I think I saw you scootin’ behind the Chapel Saturday afternoon, then across to the Elk I assume, we had our guinny at the car and hit it. Shitty drive home for sure 3.25hrs back to the north end. Many a spin out of SUV on 410. We’ll have get together for a tour later in the season. We need a PNW splitfest one of these years.


    I hate you. 😉




    Don’t hate me – I tried my best to hide behind da rooster tail, but Eric was too quick with the shutter! Here are a few of the Slut himself on Dec. 1:


    SICK, looks like full on winter!


    What the hell is all that white stuff?? I seem to recall seeing something similar to that in the hills round here some time ago….
    But really, that literally made me salivate, thanks! I’m stoked for y’all up there, enjoy it!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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