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    Northern Vermont has received more then 30in of snow in the last week… 6-10in at a time, things pilled up in the backcountry. Since it was the first “good” weekend after the major thaw that has spread over the East Coast in early-mid January, we figured we’d beat the crowd on the mountain and get our own stuff.

    A group of 5 formed for what was to be an epic day out in the woods. My girlfriend was making her first trip on AT gear even though she rides the woods of Jay every weekend. My friend Art was there also on snowshoes… He’s been meaning (and moaning!) about getting a splitboard and even tough he lurks around this website, he never signed on! Two other mountain biking friends tagged along on snowshoes also, they ride 3-4 times a year… but only in powder… resorts don’t mean anything to them.

    We made our way up to the white room to sample what was going to be a perfect outting. Already, we were following a very fresh skintrack from other telemarkers, splitboarders and snowshoers… At the end of the white room, we saw Don from First Trax who just enjoyed his first lap… Tracks were deep so we moved along and followed in there steps.

    The climbing is steep in most places once you come to the bottom of the hill… but the view once you reach the top is worth it!

    The first section was affected a bit by the sun… so it wasn’t as light as we expected… but as soon as you go back under the trees, things got fluffy and deep!

    After our first lap, we decided to go for a big one… THe objective was to traverse all the way to the end of the Jailhouse Chute and cut below the ice fall and climb away from all those people coming down illegally from the ridge. The climb was steep and my girlfriend was struggling. The skins she rented were too narrow for her skis… So she was slipping here and there… At one point, things got way to steep and there was a boot pack climbing up to another section… It was 2PM and we didn’t have lunch out in the sun like we originally planned. So we set-up for transitionning in this steep chute. Some idiot ran out of nowhere and almost buried us and our gear… This guy “absolutely” wanted to ride in-between us no-matter the consequences! GRRRR! If i would have lost my gear because of this jackass, grrrrrr!

    The way down was solid… Lightest pow i rode on Big Jay this season for sure! We were hitting always mid-thighs to waist deep snow… that stuff was blowing all over us… What a feeling! Haven’t had that in almost a month!

    Me enjoying it:


    What’s left of Karine:

    Now the good thing is that for once, my GPS didn’t die on me because of the cold… Last two outtings were done around 0F… So anything with a battery dies instantly! Now i got better recordings of where we were… And got pictures of other spots we want to ride… Hopefully, we’ll be able to ride again this upcoming weekend!

    I’ll have a very short video up soon… But you’ll see a bit of what we had to play with! I also met up with a fellow splitboarder who just received is Voile Mojo and was trying for the first time… Apparently he lurks around here sometimes…

    Keep the EC stoke!

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    way to earn your turns… looks deep! good pics —

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    Nice Pics, things look filled in up there.


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    Just a few more pics i got via e-mail to bring a bit more eastern stoke!

    Snowstorm coming in on Friday… More on monday… squalls in between… Pray for snow! 😀

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    great job man. nice Tr.

    is “jailhouse chute” what we’re calling the illegal cut? or is that something pre-existing?

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    @mergs wrote:

    is “jailhouse chute” what we’re calling the illegal cut? or is that something pre-existing?

    That’s exactly it!

    That’s what Paul and is friend will get for messing with power tools! That mustache and his rear-entry boots will be pretty useful in there! (lol! Sick double sense to this phrase! 😆 )

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    Nice report…..makes me wish I was a splitter back when I used to live in VT. Snow looks good!!

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