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    It’s been a while since I’ve posted up here. This is my second BC outing this year, the first was tacked onto a avalanche course with the friends of Berthoud pass.

    Yesterday was a phenomenal day on Berthoud Pass. Although it had been warm, sunny, and dry for a few days, the forecast called for it to be cold, cloudy, and windy with a chance of snow. Mike, Jay, and I went up early to get in a good day in the backcountry before heading home to watch the Super Bowl. We pulled into the parking lot about 7:45 and met up with a guy from TGR and his “lady friend” for a quick lap. Half an hour later it was completely socked in and snowing fairly hard, though the wind was probably down in the single digits.

    On a side note, I really need to explore Berthoud with fellow snowboarders. Skiers put me into pretty crappy situations, and while I’ve been up there a handful of times now, I still don’t know it well enough to pick lines to minimize pushing/unstrapping.

    Here is me skinning up, I’ve gotten in better shape in the last 6 months and been cycling, running, and lifting a lot. Skinning is a lot more fun when I don’t have to bust my butt to keep up. Actually I’m a freak and really enjoy running and mountain biking up hills, skinning is no different, there’s something satisfying about it, at one point on our second lap I felt like I could go all day, as it turns out we went about another 35 minutes. That said, my technique leaves something to be desired, and in some of the steeper stuff I had a hard time not sliding backwards. It’s a combination of picking the right line and getting my steps right so the skin grabs. Frustrating!

    Here’s one of me coming down on our first decent. Another note, I think the 173 is a bit too much board for me.

    We rode down to the Current Creek parking lot (and after much anger and frustration from me, the lone boarder in the group dealing with lots of flat/slight uphill traversing), the skies cleared. Mike, Jay, and I discussed our options and decided to head up into CC, just to get out and do some exploring.

    Jay with some sketchy shears coming out easily in our pits.

    Mike, our fearless leader, keeping up with him on skins is ridiculous.

    The ride out was on some crazy crust, our buddy on tele ate it pretty hard a few times when the tips broke through. We hitched a ride from an EMT in a pickup within 5 minutes of getting to the parking lot.

    Overall it was a great day, and we made it back with plenty of time to get food and beer for the super bowl. Nothing too crazy, but still a great day.

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