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    This past weekend was my second annual spring hut trip. Last year, we had a fun group of couples for three nights in the Green-Wilson Hut, in which I was able to tag a line up and down the Conundrum Couloir as well as an unnamed couloir on the east face of Castle Peak. This year, instead of a couples trip, I recruited a solid group of three other splitboarders for a backcountry ‘bro-fest’.

    We camped out in the parking lot of the Ashcroft Ghost Town on Thursday night, just as the town’s inhabitants had over 100 years ago, gaping in awe of the same enormous mountains surrounding us.

    The view from Ashcroft

    We awoke at dawn on Friday, still missing one splitboarder. Nevertheless, we left a note and started out on our way. One skier was with us as well, but he would not last through the days journey. We skinned up the entire route on Castle Creek Road, and later Pearl Pass Road. It is because of these ancient mining and transportation routes that makes this area so popular and advantageous for backcountry skiing and snowboarding. The first portion of the trip was a very moderate 3 miles, which gave us plenty of time to gape out at the huge avalanche paths that we crossed along the way. While we were safe from those slides since we had a stable spring snowpack, we couldn’t possibly imagine the fear of crossing these things in the dead of winter!

    Starting up the road, crossing the avy chutes on Greg Mace Peak on the left.

    After a few hours, we arrived at the popular Tagert and Green Wilson Huts. Although this wasn’t our destination (as nice as it would have been), we stopped out on the porch for a break. Not ten minutes after we stopped did another splitboarder approach us. It turned out to be our missing teammate, Ross. Happy that the group was united, we pressed onward above treeline for the much more difficult portion of the trip.

    The soldiers march on above tree-line

    The east face of Castle Peak, looking like bad conditions.

    Unfortunately, the skier in our group just couldn’t cut the mustard. As much as we tried to convince him that it would be worth the trip to the hut, he eventually decided to ski down. I took a few action shots before continuing on up.

    Making our way across ‘Mace Saddle’

    From here, routefinding was very important. We did not want to accidentally descend into Cooper Creek (only to end up back at Ashcoft after a nasty bushwack), and we didn’t want to cross over the Elk Range at a location other than Pearl Pass, which could have deadly consequences. Finally, after rounding the southest buttress of Pearl Mountain, we could see a sign far off on the ridge, which looked like a person standing on top of Pearl Pass.

    Pearl Pass sighted, but it still looks so far away!

    Getting closer…

    The final pitch was the steepest of all. With the low avalanche danger, we stuck to the road and skirted around the headwall.

    Mike nearing the top of the pass, while I scoped out some cool rock crags. I wonder if anyone climbs them in the summer?

    I was the first one to reach the top of the pass, and let out the loudest yell my tired lungs could muster. After eight hours of travel, we finally reached the height of our climb, at 12,705 feet! The sign said we were 18 miles from Aspen and 19 miles from Crested Butte. The four of us took in the fresh air and solitude of being so far away from civilization.

    Pearl Pass conquered by splitboarders!

    By now, it was nearing five o’clock, and we still had to find the hut. Thankfully, Lou Dawson was nice enough to supply the GPS coordinates in his guidebook, which I had already pre-programmed into my Garmin. From the top of the pass, we would have to take a leftward trend into the bowl, and the hut should be right at tree line. I watched my three teammates descend into the bowl before I brought up the rear.

    Talking over the descent. After eight hours of climbing, we were finally able to snowboard!

    Mike dropped in first…

    Ross ollies the drop

    Followed by Ed

    Finally, I spotted the hut, right where it was supposed to be!

    We made a few more turns before taking the boards off for good.

    Up next: The June Couloir of Star Peak in a blizzard!


    Nice Adam, your pics turned out much better than mine. I’ll add some when I get back to my own computer.

    I did put some up on my blog–

    But most of my pics weren’t that great.

    I had a blast on this trip, even if I didn’t ride all the gnar lines you and Ross got.


    :rock: never forget reiner :rock: dont go hippy on dr. heshnar now…


    @snowsavage wrote:

    :rock: never forget reiner :rock: dont go hippy on dr. heshnar now…

    Dude if it wasn’t for In Flames on the iPod I would have never made it up the final crux of the pass!

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