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    Monarch Pass and Mount Peck, 12,208′
    (killclimbz, IridePow, spthomson, HikeforTurns)

    Mt Peck, Pecker Face, and “pecker wood” on the left:D

    Met up with a few people from splitboard/TGR forums for some BC touring around Monarch Pass on Sunday. Snow conditions were excellent. With the avy danger rating of considerable we stayed off exposed faces and skied mostly low consequence stuff and trees. This was my first time touring around Monarch Pass, and it was fun! I was even able to bag a free 12er in the process. Mt Peck, 12,208′ is a fairly easy trip from the pass. Here are the pics.

    Killclimbz and his dog Cody

    Killclimbz testing the air

    a little photoshop fun

    Cody enjoying the powder day!

    IridePow and spthomson getting ready to drop in off the summit of Mt Peck

    IridePow, riding pow in pecker wood

    All in all, a GREAT day. Snow was deep and pretty soft. We ended up making four runs around Monarch Ridge and Mt Peck. It was great to meet and ride with you guys, look forward to future trips. But probably not at Monarch Pass, the drive is way too far for frontrangers, I WOULDNT RECOMMEND IT! 😈

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    Yeah it sucked. I will never go back again. Hahaha!

    I’ll get some pics up shortly.

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    Colorado Tree Skiing = not bad either

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    Some more pics. Iridepow ripping skins without help from anyone else for once.

    The Monarch souvenir store. Just a little bit of snow there.

    spthompson getting some. Sorry a little over exposed.

    Looking good.

    Ahhhh there it is.



    Yep this doesn’t suck.

    Chirs “Mackavus”

    HikeforTurns doing the half assed point.

    HikeforTurns on the “true” summit of Peck’s Peak.

    and dropping into a nice little mushroom patch.

    Well that didn’t go as planned.

    Great friggin’ day. It was a blast!

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    Hahahahahahaha, that last pic turned out great. Time for a tune up.

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    Nice! Glad to see some shots from CO.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Here are a few more pics I got… before the batteries died on me.
    (Not even close as good as HikeforTurns’s shots)

    HikeforTurns showing off the rooster tail

    spthomson in the skin track trench

    View north during the skin up to Mt Peck

    Vince showing off his climbing stuff

    HikeforTurns dropping in

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    nice pics. i just drove over monarch pass going from silverton to the denver airport. definatley nice terrain and a lot of snow there right now, however a far ride from the frontrange. looks like a fun day!

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    Looks like a great time guys! Skinning over the gift shop the other day was the weirdest thing…

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