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    Hey Utah splitters,

    We have friends that offered up their cabin near Bear River Lodge.

    What are the touring options in this area? Will we need a sled? The good terrain looks too far. Is the main road south of the lodge plowed in the winter?

    Any beta would be appreciated?



    I stayed there in the summer, beautiful place not far from Evanston Wyoming. Good beer and fireworks there. Touring, now that might be tough. For sure going to need a sled, the road(mirror lake) I believe is groomed or at least well worked by other snowmobilers, it would lead to some good stuff I’m sure. I don’t know the zones up there but I’ve heard magical things like pillow lines and fun tree lines. Problem is the peaks are high….high elevation so it gets hammered by the winds and the snowpack tends to be more similar to a continental pack as compared to a Wasatch pack. Best thing about that place might be that your only 2 hours from my house. Love to hook up and shred. Hopefully Bucky will chime in, that guys been everywhere and I know for sure he’s done some sick stuff down there.


    thanks nic, you would be on the short list of splitters we would try to hook up with since we’d probably get a few days in the Wasatch and maybe a day up by powder mountain.

    yeah, I know it is sledneck city around there and looks like almost all good access to riding terrain would require one.


    Hey Junkie,
    Yeah, I agree with Utah, you’re going to need a sled.
    I live on the other side of the Mirror Lake Highway, in Samak, outside of Kamas, and that’s what we use to get around. The range is vast and it takes a bit to get to the goods, but it’s sweet.
    Have fun!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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