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    I have a DIY board I have been running for a while and it’s becoming more and more of an issue that I mounted my touring brackets a little too far forward. When I lift up my board the boards are flat and the tips don’t rise, which makes for some creative technique on switchback turns.

    I was thinking about re-drilling my deck around half an inch back from the current T-Nuts but I am worried about making the area Very weak from the extra holes.

    another idea I have been tossing around is Gluing on some weights to the tails to help the tips up.

    I am planning on picking up a Factory Split a little later this season when I save up a little more $$$. I want to keep the DIY for low snow as I don’t care if it gets beat up.

    any suggestions?


    Matt Wood

    Sounds like the brakets are not forward enough. I drill mine a full 1 1/8″ forward from balance point. I would resist re drilling as the touring bracket location is almost always the demise of the DIY split.


    Right Too Far back…

    well bummer.


    I agree, too far back. Even if you are mounted right at the balance point (in touring mode) you should be able to get your tails to drop with a slight flick (that would be the “kick” in “kick turn”). The flick is usually easier with your heel risers up but once you get it you’ll be able to do it flat too.


    I second Jason4, I have my brackets inches behind the balance point since forever in splitboard-time. On a switchback I lift the whole board out kick my heel down a bit and the new uphill ski swivels right into the new direction, you’ll get it and then you won’t even think about it anymore or use extra energy on your kick turns.


    And its helpful when you have to sidestep up those nasty little up sections in the downtrack.


    All the board companies are putting the touring inserts too far back. Some of the boards have to lift the climbing wire so the bindings don’t foul them. The further forward the easier the kick turn.

    Adam West

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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